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    Civil Rights Attorney Says Critical Race Theory Is Based On Lies

    Civil Rights Attorney and former history teacher Leo Terrell recently criticized Critical Race Theory as a racist theory and praised the parents choosing to challenge it. He said this has become a battle of ideology vs education in America’s schools and that CRT is not grounded in any facts. “I’m a history teacher. I taught […] More

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    CA RECALL: A New Poll Just Might Be Newsom’s Worst Nightmare

    As I said earlier today, things are heating up here in California, and it has little to do with the weather. The Recall Gavin Newsom election candidates should have been finalized by our Affirmative Action Secy of State, and with Larry Elder’s victory in getting on the ballot, we have more than a few quality […] More

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    Democratic Politician Accidentally Tells the Truth About Media Bias

    Don’t you just love it when they accidentally let things slip? Nikki Fried, who serves as Florida’s agriculture commissioner, accidentally made a stunning admission about the nature of the activist media and its role as the Democratic Party’s Ministry of Propaganda. On Thursday, Fried, who is also running for governor, posted a tweet predicting that […] More

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    It’s All Fun and Games Until the Radical Dems Bring COVID to DC

    We all saw the photos. Texas Democrats fled the state because they didn’t want to do their job. They knew they weren’t going to win the vote, so they decided to hop on a private jet so that the state legislature couldn’t reach quorum. And while those Dems were on a private jet, they chose […] More

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    Jan 6. Committee Gets Called Out By The GOP After Speaker’s Latest Stunt

    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is adding fuel to the fire and harming the House as an institution. She recently denied House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s picks for two of the five GOP slots on the Jan. 6 select committee. He’d also selected Republican Representatives Rodney Davis, Kelly Armstrong, and Troy Nehls. Taking the steps to […] More

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    One Pic From the CNN Town Hall Says It All About Biden

    I reported extensively on Joe Biden’s CNN town hall last night. It had Biden being incoherent talking about aliens with Don Lemon. It had Biden telling lies, including one whopper of a lie about the Wuhan coronavirus not affecting the vaccinated. It had 11 people – most of whom were Democrats – mostly asking Biden […] More

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