The Fall of the Mighty! Cuomo Continues to Implode Over His Intentional Mass Murder of Nursing Home Residents

New York Senate Democrats have had enough of Governor Cuomo’s antics. They are finally moving to strip him of the emergency pandemic powers that he never should have had in the first place. Now that the FBI and US Attorney in Brooklyn are poking around, people are starting to get nervous. They are looking to investigate the decisions that were made by Cuomo during the pandemic.

This man handled nursing homes in the worst possible way throughout the pandemic. He thought that he could simply send those who were sick back into the nursing homes and then blame the workers for bringing the virus in. It’s disgusting and appalling behavior. Cuomo ought to be ashamed of himself but that’s not an emotion that he is capable of feeling.

He will simply find someone else to blame and call it a day, like he always does. The New York Post also issued a very worrisome report. They let the world know that Cuomo had actually threatened a fellow Democrat! That’s what happens when they have to face any form of criticism. They are even willing to turn on their own.

It’s sad to watch them conduct themselves in this manner but this is the bed that they have made. They did not want to corral Cuomo when they got the chance. We harp on this a lot but they really allowed this man to write a book about how awesome he is at handling COVID-19, while the pandemic was still raging!

Anyone who didn’t think this would backfire on him was very deluded. Clay Travis could not resist taking a few shots at him and the leftists who were willing to perpetuate this insane narrative. “Is Andrew Cuomo still a hero for left wing imbeciles? It’s amazing how it took nearly a year to catch up with the media’s false narrative that Cuomo was a hero for his covid response. Reality is his performance was objectively worse than any politician in the world,” Travis tweeted.

We could not agree more with this assessment. How anyone could believe that Cuomo did right by everyone is beyond us. In fact, we don’t want to even hear the explanation for this mindset. You would have to be blind, deaf or a lifelong Democrat to buy into any of this. Cuomo needs to be held accountable for what has happened here and we hope that these investigations lead to a satisfactory outcome.

Justice needs to be served here. Thousands of elderly nursing home residents were treated as guinea pig for Cuomo’s ridiculous experiment and it is time to stand up. We need to fight for what is right. He should not be able to get away with crimes that are this heinous. The left should also be as mad as we are but they cannot bring themselves to go against the great and mighty governor.

It starts with stripping him of those bogus emergency powers but that’s not enough. He needs to be held responsible for everything that took place, including the death. If the blood is not on his hands, whose hands is it on? He should be hit with so many charges that he can never hold political office again. After all, that’s what they wanted to do to Trump and he did not have nearly the same level of negative impact.

He’s still being treated as public enemy number one, while Cuomo is feted as the most wonderful governor that ever did govern. It would be funny if it were not so sad. All the Democrats care about is sending everyone back into the same conditions that they spent all of last year trying to avoid.

Mind you, this is the same party that regularly pats themselves on the back for believing in science. They only believe in it when they can use their so called beliefs to harass Republicans but that’s neither here nor there at this point. We just want to see Cuomo brought to justice.

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