Candace Owens Comes out and Says It: Keep Your Eyes on ‘Simon Says’ Fauci, ‘This Man Is Corrupt’

In the slim chance that you've wondered what conservative firebrand Candace Owens thinks about emerging and infectious diseases “expert” Dr. Anthony Fauci, wonder no more.

During a Monday appearance on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” the author and podcaster responded to the latest nonsense to dribble down Fauci's chin — his assertion that the COVID pandemic exposed the “undeniable effects of racism” on black Americans.

Mocking Fauci's “brilliance,” Owens began: “This is just so brilliant. The left is always looking for a victim, a narrative,” adding that the “true victim” has been “science,” which she said, “has been killed by the left.”

“Science used to be this thing we all loved. I'd like to eulogize science because it made so much sense and now it is suddenly over.”

Fauci's running commentary on the disproportionate effect of COVID on black Americans began in April 2020, during a COVID press conference. Excerpts, as transcribed by BPR.

We've known literally forever that diseases like diabetes, hypertension, obesity, and asthma are disproportionately afflicting the minority populations, particularly the African Americans.

“Unfortunately, when you look at the predisposing conditions that lead to a bad outcome with coronavirus, the things that get people into ICU that require intubation and often lead to death, they are just those very co-morbidities that are unfortunately disproportionately prevalent in the African American population.

“So we're very concerned about that. It's very sad. It's nothing we can do about it right now except to try and give them the best possible care to avoid those complications.”

So here we are, 13 months later.

Attention whore Fauci is still pontificating — but now as the shiny hood ornament on the Democrat COVID Clown Car. Fauci says “Jump!” Democrat lawmakers robotically respond by asking: “How high and when can we come down?”

Our friend Benny Johnson posted video from the segment on Twitter, with the observation:

“Candace O goes on an epic rant against the politicization of objective truth and the death of science, calls Dr. Fauci ‘Dr. Simon Say,' adding ‘he's making this stuff up as he goes along.'”

Zackly, Benny.

Owens used a perfect analogy.

“I'd like to say that Dr. Fauci is to me, you know when your kid and you play that game Simon Says? You always wondered who was Simon and why are we doing what he says?

“Simon is Dr. Fauci, he's making this stuff up as he goes along. Simon says wear your mask. Simon says don't wear your mask. Simon says COVID is racist and it affects black people more poorly.

“We don't know why he is saying it, it makes no sense, but apparently, a lot of people are following his orders.”

Stop the tape.

Of course, we know why he's saying what he's saying, Candace. The same reason the left desperately continues to push the insane narrative that everything wrong with (white) America is the result of stage 4 “systemic racism.”

And what better way to further cement the allegiance of the majority of black voters to the Democrat Party than by continuing the false narrative that black Americans are victims; always victims — victimized by white America and the evil Republican Party.

“This is his new push, to blame this somehow on systemic racism,” Owens continued, explaining that “comorbidities historically afflict black Americans disproportionately.

Owens suggested Fauci might also be hinting at obesity in the black community.

“If he's concerned about systemic racism and talking about how COVID might affect black people, I think what he's hinting at is obesity. We [black Americans] represent a higher percentage of people that are obese, and obesity is the number one killer in America.

“He might be onto something there, but it has nothing to do with race.

“Race is not determining whether or not you're fat or skinny. The left is obsessed with politicizing science, and right now, the policy is if you want to accomplish anything in life, just call the other thing racist.

“That's exactly what they do over and over and over again.”

BINGO. Could someone get me another card, please?

“This has always been about power from the very beginning,” Owens told Tucker, and, “I think your program is responsible for a lot of these changes because you started investigating Dr. Fauci, asking the right questions that everybody should be asking.”

(Correct. One of the multiple reasons the left is terrified of Tucker Carlson.)

“Let's keep looking at Dr. Fauci because that man is corrupt,” she said.

Whether Fauci is corrupt, or not, of all the people who were virtually unknown by the majority of Americans, pre-COVID, the “good doctor” sure has worked his ass off as hard as anyone to trot out to every TV camera or microphone he can chase down.

Incidentally, Benny Johnson took another shot at Fauci today — over various reports of his relationship with the infamous Wuhan Lab and whether the lab first leaked COVID.

“Good morning to everyone except Dr. Fauci who used American tax dollars to pay for illegal research at the Chinese Wuhan Lab directly leading to COVID outbreak while at the same time guaranteeing a new viral pandemic would emerge during the Trump administration.”

(video from 2017)

Nicely played, don't you think?

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Attention whore? You make the call.

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