Biden’s Brain Implodes Again With Math, Facts and All That Confusing Stuff

Joe Biden’s brain really hit full-time overload today.

Biden visited the Manufacturing Technology Center at Cuyahoga Community College Metro Campus in Cleveland, for about three hours, to promote his Blue Collar Blueprint for America plan. Biden was pushing for free tuition for community college students

Apparently, this event today was a bit too much.

It started off badly when he seemed to want to wander out of the frame of the camera, not really clear that he was doing so.

Then he started talking about DARPA, except he didn’t seem to know what it stood for, claiming that it stood for “Defense Applied Application Research,” as he waved his hands around. Of course, that doesn’t even fit the letters for DARPA. DARPA stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. But hey, “you know the thing.”

But then Biden mystically flashed forward into the future when he described what had happened “in the 10 year period between 14 to 24…excuse me between…uh…10 and 20…2010 and 2020”

What year is this, Joe?

Then he had some real trouble trying to add numbers. “You have over fifty precent going to stock buybacks and the other pezent (he mispronounces the word), I think it’s 42%…no, 38% goes to dividends.” That leaves 8%, Biden said for “research and development.” Except not so much. What math class did Joe Biden take when he was in school? That must be a class in magical Democratic dollars since 56 + 38 + 8 adds up to 102%. Democratic funny money strikes again.

Biden just gave an excellent example of why Democrats can’t add and are always spending through the nose: because they have no concept of numbers.

Then he seemed completely confused over what the business tax rate was. Joe Biden says the rate is already at 28% while advocating for raising it to 28%. It’s presently 21%.

If he can’t figure out percentages, how is he ever going to keep up with the “10% for the big guy?”

When he can’t even do such simple math or even seem to know what year this is, how can he even begin to deal with everything he’s supposed to be doing?

Is it any wonder, then, that he has so many things blowing up?

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