Trump Made Some News in NC Speech – Here’s What You Need to Know

Tonight, Former President Donald Trump gave his first major speech since February. It happened in North Carolina, at the state's Republican convention, and some news was made – though it wasn't necessarily from Trump himself.

Here are a few clips of the speech for posterity.

Of course, he picked on the media a bit as well.

While much of the speech was what we've been used to hearing from him in these situations since 2016, there were some new parts mixed in. Specifically, Trump hammered China's involvement in COVID and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Some of this may fall flat, though, given that Trump himself had the power to oust Fauci and never did, even after a year of Fauci undermining him. In my opinion, that was one of the biggest mistakes of his presidency.

Regardless, Trump also mentioned battling in 2022 to take back the House and Senate. Yet, he stopped short again of announcing or even really hinting at his own run for president again, and that seems like it'll be the case until after the mid-terms. The strategy seems to be to focus on Congress right now, and that's the best move, in my opinion.

The recent announcement of a criminal probe into Trump's organization was brought up too.

Later, 2020 election talk made an appearance, with Trump mentioning the audit in Arizona and then talking about election reforms meant to stop any future fraud.

Trump broke left-wing hearts by not mentioning “reinstatement” to the presidency in August, something anonymous sources have claimed he's pushing behind the scenes. No actual evidence has been offered to corroborate that assertion made by Maggie Haberman of the Times and Charles Cooke of National Review.

Toward the end of the speech, Trump nailed Joe Biden, saying what many on the right have been saying – that Biden isn't running his own administration.

Oddly enough, the biggest news of the night actually came from Lara Trump, who was called up on stage by her father-in-law. She announced she would not be running for the Senate in 2022 in North Carolina. Instead, Trump is endorsing Rep. Ted Budd in the coming primary race.

Lastly, Trump did announce that he has two rallies come up. That'll be more of a chance to hear him flesh out where he wants to position himself going forward.

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