Washington Mandates Critical Race Theory In All Public Schools & Colleges

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee recently mandated Critical Race Theory to be taught in public school and passed several new laws in which all staff at public schools, including high schools and colleges, must undergo CRT-based education and attend sessions on becoming “anti-racist activists.” While some states have worked hard to ban this type of curriculum from ever reaching the classroom, Washington has worked hard to push the racist ideologically-driven framework and teach more residents to see the world through a radical racial lens.

Highline Public Schools have instilled CRT training for quite some time now, including several equity training sessions that teach the district’s goal of becoming an “anti-racist organization focused on eliminating racism, racial and other identity inequities, and institutional bias.” This, of course, means labeling everything racist and adopting a radical-left ideology.

Throughout the training, staff members developed a “Racial Equity Team” and were told to ‘self-reflect’ on their intersectionalities so that they could better understand privilege and oppression. They were told that white supremacy hides behind almost every American institution we currently enjoy and that all of the systems we have today came from a ‘white supremacy culture.’ This includes education, legal, law enforcement, financial/banking, housing, community design (suburbs), and health. According to the radical left, defensiveness is a “cornerstone” of white supremacy culture so if you try to argue it, then you’re secretly racist. Pretty tricky there…

Administrators in the Edmonds School District spent hours on ‘micro-aggression training,’ which talked about ‘land acknowledgement’ and to shame and guilt staff members about stolen land, the proper use of personal pronouns (including “Faer” and “Hu”) and that non-white staff members could even use breakout rooms, AKA “safe spaces,” that are closed to white people. Yikes.

The bill even teaches that Black people cannot be racist because they don’t have the ”power” and that white person will still benefit from white privilege even if they experience “high poverty.” Another bill requires training for medical students at the University of Washington or Washington State University and teaches them that it is essential to be social justice activists as they treat patients. According to the radical left, patient outcomes are determined by what their doctor looks like (and not the level of their skills).

Sen. Emily Randall even claimed that Black men are more likely to listen to medical advice “if they had a Black physician or were able to connect with that physician about cultural experiences.”

Supports of the bill would contend that this helps educators better support those who are “immigrants and students of color” and that it would make them feel safe, heard, and understood. But the bill is nothing but divisive and dangerous, teaching kids to judge others based on the color of their skin. That’s not fighting for justice, that’s racist.

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