Joe Biden Just Did What the Democrats Impeached Donald Trump For

Good news, everyone. Freezing lethal aid to Ukraine in order to thwart Russia is now good again. All it took was Donald Trump leaving office. Weird, right?

I know, politics often mimics parody, but this is a bit much.

When was that aid frozen? You guessed it, right after Biden met with Vladamir Putin. Prior to that meeting, the Russian Defense Minister had said they would pull troops back that had been stationed near the Ukrainian border. That hasn't actually happened, though, so why would Biden make this move after meeting with Putin?

But despite Russia's announcement, a top Ukrainian official said in May that about 100,000 Russian troops were still near its border and in Crimea, Al Jazeera reported. That same month, Biden officials told The New York Timesthat the number was closer to 80,000.

Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu announced in May that Moscow was in the process of building 20 new military units to base in Western Russia, close to the Ukrainian border over the next year, though he was vague on specifics.

In other words, the aggression against Ukraine is only getting worse, with current troop deployments being made permanent via new base building which will allow Russia to strike Ukraine at any time. Despite that, Biden bent the knee to Putin's request and froze a lethal aid package being sent to the Ukrainians.

What's so remarkable about this is that freezing aid to Ukraine made up the bedrock of what Donald Trump was impeached for the first time around. Democrats (and some “conservative” commentators) accused Trump of harming national security by temporarily halting aid to Ukraine until he could get guarantees dealing with corruption in the Ukrainian government. Of course, Democrats also claimed it was all political and tied to defeating Joe Biden, though, no actual evidence tying Trump to any such effort was ever revealed despite lots of high-profile “witnesses” being trotted out.

Yet, here we have Biden doing the same thing, but for the much worse reason of appeasing Putin. If Trump had done this, it would have been a national scandal. As it stands, it's barely making the news. Russia is not going to stop its aggression towards Ukraine. They've made that clear. Instead of extracting real concessions, Biden just handed Putin another one of his priorities. It mirrors the White House's folding over the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

For all the “tough guy” rhetoric, Biden continues to get absolutely rolled by Putin. The real question is if anyone who claimed to care about Russian aggression will speak up now that Trump isn't in office. They cared so deeply about this issue for four years. Where's the concern now? Will Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney condemn this action? Will Nancy Pelosi draft articles of impeachment?

Of course not, because all of their care about Russia was political.

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