How Kamala Was Greeted at the Border Shows Dems Aren’t Even Hiding It Any More

As I reported earlier, Kamala Harris has finally made it to the border, although it's not the place where the crisis is really happening.

If Harris went to the Rio Grande Valley, she might actually get some challenges to the Biden/Harris policies and the media would be forced to see how bad it was. She might also have to respond to Democrats, like Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) who want change and results, not just a photo op.

Instead, the welcome Harris got in El Paso from Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-TX) shows exactly why Kamala went there. Escobar treated the visit like she had something to show off, like Harris was arriving to a wonderful bake sale. Moreover, her description of the her area gave away the Democrats' game.

“Welcome to El Paso, welcome to my community,” Escobar said, beaming. “To the new Ellis Island. To the capital of the border.”

Who would ever imagine that there was a crushing crisis going on from that? And it wasn't just a random comment of the moment, she also tweeted it yesterday.

No, this situation isn't Ellis Island. Ellis Island was how immigrants actually came legally to the East Coast at a point in our history. They had to go through a process with rules. They went through medical and legal checks to determine if they were acceptable, so you wouldn't get known criminals or terrorists and that people coming in didn't have any communicable diseases. Now people are flooding the border in such numbers, people encountered are often simply being released, during a pandemic, without any testing or any evaluation at all.

Plus, what is she saying to those illegal aliens and potential illegal aliens who might see those remarks? Hey, it's great, come on in! What happened to discouraging people to enter illegally? The bottom line is this is really what they are about, not discouraging the illegality or cutting the flow. Escobar gives away the real game – Democrats think this is all just great.

Rep. Byron Donalds busted that move by Escobar, pointing out in a few simple pictures, what a problem this truly has become with the numbers still increasing.

So true. The Biden team has been enriching the cartels with their policies, those who are making a ton of money on the human smuggling trade.

Here's a little reality from Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX).

We'll hear a lot more words today on the visit. But what we wouldn't hear is any actual change of policies, because they changed the policies that had been working under President Donald Trump. Changing back or applying policies that actually work doesn't seem to be something in which they are interested.

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