Jake Tapper’s Audience Has Largely Abandoned Him and He’s Preaching to Crumbs

We often bash CNN for being the network that brings up the rear in terms of ratings, and to be sure, it deserves it. One of the reasons it's going to keep its status as the “caboose” in the cable news game is “The Lead” host Jake Tapper, who has bled so much of his audience since January that he's figuratively anemic.

According to Fox News, Tapper was riding relatively high in January with 2.8 million viewers. A good showing, but what's that audience look like now? The ratings for his show fell to only 706,000 from May to June. That's a whopping 75 percent of his audience.

And it gets worse:

Tapper has also lost significant viewers among the key news demographic of adults age 25-54, dropping 79% of January's audience during the first three weeks of June in his timeslot. Tapper's show is down 47% in the second quarter compared to Q1 among the category most coveted by advertisers.

In April, CNN awarded Tapper with an extra hour and expanded the show from 4-6 p.m. ET but the move hasn't paid off in the ratings department for the struggling network. “The Lead” averaged only 799,000 viewers during the 5-6 p.m. ET window through June 23, while Fox News' “The Five” averaged 2.6 million during the same timeslot to beat Tapper by a whopping 229%.

January was jam-packed full of disaster porn for the left to eat up. Joe Biden was about to enter the office and every move Trump made was headline-worthy. When the January 6 Capitol riot happened, leftists were turning on CNN to catch the latest news and commentary. They could inject the partisan finger-pointing and anti-Trump hysteria directly into their veins.

When the dust settled, there wasn't really anything left to see. As far as the left was concerned, the adults were in charge now so there wasn't really anything to click the news on about. It was being taken care of for them now. Likewise, CNN handcuffed itself into being the Democrat party's propaganda platform, meaning that they wouldn't report the Biden administration doing something disastrous. With nothing dynamic to grab the attention of Americans, the rest tuned out.

Now, all that's left is to continue railing on Republicans for matters most Americans find a bit more involved for their taste and continued foot-stomping about January 6, which is becoming less and less exciting by the day.

Other networks lost viewership as well (Neil Cavuto shares Tapper's time slot but has largely retained his audience) but none so more than CNN and none worse than Jake Tapper.

This is what happens when you become openly partisan while pretending to not be. Tuning into CNN provides you with biased reporting that often times ventures into the absurd. It wants to sell Americans intrigue, disaster, nefarious Republicans, Trump cult worship, and white supremacist takeovers, but it's just not something most Americans are willing to buy. At least not whole-hog.

This ties in with a recent poll that showed America's trust in the media is evaporating. The bias and partisanship are becoming too much. Platforms are becoming narrower and the left doesn't want to have a conversation, they want to silence everyone else.

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The “news” isn't the news anymore, it's a manufactured product. As it happens, Tapper is one of its worst salesmen.

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