Donald Trump Announces His Big Move Against Big Tech

Former President Donald Trump announced Wednesday that he will be filing a lawsuit against Facebook, Twitter, Google, and possibly others in an attempt to push back on their blatant politically motivated censorship. That will come in the form of a class action brought in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute. Trump will be the top representative in the case.

Here's the announcement, which was given today from Trump's Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.

The lawsuit will also name the CEOs of the three tech companies being targeted as defendants, adding another layer to the story. Trump mentions that the lawsuit will be seeking to prove that things like political censorship and shadowbanning run afoul of the Constitution.

Whether this has any chance of success will have to be a question answered by people more knowledgeable. My layman's understanding of the law surrounding the internet and the freedom of sites to essentially do as they wish in curating content doesn't give me much confidence the lawsuit will turn out well for Trump. With that said, I also think someone needs to push this issue and find out where the actual boundaries are.

I will level one critique of this move, though. Trump was president for four years. He promised action against big tech multiple times, including via executive action that he could have done without any help from Congress. To be frank, this was a battle that Trump should have fought while in office. That he waited until becoming a private citizen to simply file a lawsuit strikes me as a bit of a letdown and more show than substance.

Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this turns out and what precedents may or may not be set. Something needs to be done to stop big tech's illiberal approach to speech as they attempt to grow their quasi-monopolies.

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