CODE RED COMICS: Who’s Going to Pay for Someone’s Gender Studies Degree? Maybe You

Forbes reported that Biden is seeking a way to cancel more student debt. The administration has already canceled 3 billion in less than 6 months, and Joe wants the authority to cancel a whole lot more. When you're printing trillions, what's a couple of billion?

The Wall Street Journal reports that if you want an Ivy League Masters degree that's pretty much worthless, go to Columbia. Pat Clements has his Masters from Columbia He also has student debt of $360,000. But good news America – Clements might get Uncle Joe to help kill his debt monster. It's only taxpayer money.

Thirty-six-year-old Matt Black is a graduate of Columbia too. Matt's from LA, and of course, he's a writer and producer. I mean who isn't in LA? He has his Columbia Masters and student loan debt of $331,000. Matt's working on paying it down. In a good year, he makes $60,000. If you make 60K in LA, you're living with three roomies and eating Top Raman for dinner. That's a good year.

A few years ago I read a story about a Minnesota native who went to Arizona State. She got her degree in sociology. She graduated with a diploma and a student loan debt of $160,000. She whined:

“At 27, I am a slave to my student loans with no end in sight. I owe more than $160,000. My lenders, private and federal, thus far are unwilling to work with each other or me, even after I explain my situation in depth. I wish there was an individual or group that would fight on my behalf. I can't even begin to describe how miserable I am daily. I really don't know how much more of this I can take. I wish I'd never gone to college; instead of enhancing my life, it has made me lifeless. All thanks to student loans.”

Why go to ASU to get the same utterly worthless degree she could have gotten at a Minnesota state school with in-state tuition? Like… ah duh… like, dude, like, you can't wear flip-flops in Mankato in February. That's the answer, and that is why I have zero sympathies for the millions with student debt with a useless degree. Almost all of the massive debt for student loans is due to students getting either useless degrees or because they want a framed piece of paper with the name of an Ivy League school on it. Or, they want to wear flip-flops in February.

Who complains the loudest about student debt? It's the debtor – Maybe a pudgy Minnesotan with pink hair, and a sociology degree who lives with her parents and works at Mcdonald's. Or, maybe, an Ivy League graduate who's making Top Raman for dinner tonight. They both want you to pay for their own bad choices.

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