Politico Tried to Smack Ted Cruz on a Non-Issue but Ended up Hitting Biden Instead

If this were a slow-mo scene in a movie, Politico would have thrown a punch meant for Texas Senator Ted Cruz's chin, only to have Cruz lazily lean back as the fist sailed by his face and collided directly with President Joe Biden's cheek.

Politico's Ryan Heath wrote an article point at Cruz as the issue stopping Biden from putting European ambassadors into residences, saying that the only reason he's doing that is that Cruz thinks Biden's response to an oil pipeline between Russia and Germany was a bit weak:

But disputes remain: if you want to know why American ambassador residences are empty across Europe — call Sen. Ted Cruz's office. He's blocking hearings because he's miffed at what he sees as the administration's weak response to the Nordstream II gas pipeline between Russia and Germany.

Cruz isn't wrong. Biden, despite saying he doesn't think the pipeline is a good thing for Germany, waived sanctions on it.

But Politico released a tweet making it seem as if the lack of ambassadors in ambassador residences was an issue with a tweet that targeted Cruz for obvious ridicule.

“If you want to know why American ambassador residences are empty across Europe — call Sen. Ted Cruz's office,” read the tweet, repeating that singular line in the article.

Cruz saw the tweet and brilliantly fired back by not only proudly admitting that he is, in fact, blocking ambassadors, but that he's doing so because the sanctions Biden waived were mandated by Congress so that Putin wouldn't get a multi-billion dollar pipeline.

“Let me save you guys the phone call,” tweeted Cruz. “It's because I'm leveraging & holding the Biden administration's nominees to get the admin to impose sanctions mandated by Congress to stop Biden's multi-billion dollar gift to Putin, the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.”

Cruz also followed that up by pointing out a very obvious piece of hypocrisy. Biden is fine with waiving sanctions on foreign pipelines but is pretty adamant that we shouldn't build them here in the United States, killing thousands of jobs and further endangering the environment. Cruz encouraged people to call the White House and ask about that.

So let's break this down…

Politico tried to make Cruz seem like a bad guy for obstructing the appointment of Biden's ambassadors to Europe but left out the part where Biden shrugging of sanctions was in disobedience to Congressional mandates to stop Russia from getting a very expensive pipeline and doing so while coming down hard on any pipelines of our own.

So not only is Cruz not the bad guy in this situation, Politico drew attention to a matter that people should probably know about and don't because the press doesn't really do its job and is consistently more concerned with carrying Democrat water than reporting the facts. They wanted to slam Cruz but opened the door for Biden to take a hit instead.

Well done.

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