Tucker Carlson’s Reaction to His Picture Being Burned by Protesters Isn’t Going to Please the Protesters

If people were hoping they'd upset Fox News host Tucker Carlson by burning his photo in front of his office, they're sorely mistaken.

As originally covered by TownHall, protesters appeared in front of the Fox News building in New York carrying pictures of various hosts, and an American flag. All the typical accusations were made, including calling everyone at Fox News “Nazis” and “racists.” The word “zionist” was thrown in there, just in case you were wondering if these protesters were antisemitic bigots who were calling everyone else around them “Nazis.”

As the video shows, one protester lit a smoke signal and threatened those inside that if they don't stop villainizing them, they'll bring “real smoke.” The last video shows the protesters burning the American flag with one of them laying Carlson's picture into the flames.

“Tucker is burning!” one of the protesters exclaimed.

Tucker's response?

“I'm proud to be burned with the flag,” he told TownHall.

I'm not sure if that's the response these protesters were hoping for, but it's the one they got, and frankly, the one they deserve.

Whatever they were trying to accomplish in front of Fox News, making the people of Fox News rethink their positions about anything by threats and sacrificial burning of images was never going to work. These kinds of displays really only work to please the stupid. If burning things in effigy did work, then we'd have a lot more dead dictators and one less Rian Johnson.

This move only allowed Carlson to increase his standing and clout within conservative circles, and his very simple response effectively served as an avenue to hurl highly patriotic and very figurative spit in the face of the protesters and anyone else who believes as they do.

To be honest, we would all be so lucky to have our photos burned in such a way. If you get under someone's skin that much, then you must be doing something right.

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