Brother of Ousted Afghan President Throws His Support Behind the Taliban

As if the situation in Afghanistan couldn't get any more ridiculous, with the Afghan government in ruins and the Taliban cementing its place as the country's government, reports have emerged indicating the brother of former Afghan president Ashraf Gahni pledged his allegiance to the terrorist organization. reported:

Giving a major embarrassment to Afghanistan's former President Ashraf Ghani, who is facing massive criticism for abandoning his people and country amid a violent blitzkrieg by the Taliban, his brother Hashmat Ghani Ahmadazai on Saturday allegedly pledged allegiance to the insurgents, local Afghan media reported.

Ghani reportedly declared his support for the Taliban to Khalil-ur-Rehman, a leader in the organization, and religious scholar Mufti Mahmood Zakir. Pictures of the meeting have gone viral on social media.

However, it seems some reports are in conflict over whether Ghani explicitly endorsed the Taliban. India Today reported:

While Hashmat Ghani did not openly come out in support of the Taliban, he did drop a hint on why they should be given a chance to run the country. “Taliban are well capable of bringing security but running a functional government requires the input and collaboration of younger, educated Afghans. The so called expired politicians should be sidelined completely so that the failed experience of coalition government is not repeated,” he said in a tweet.

Nevertheless, whether Ghani is formally allying himself with the Taliban or not, his words carry weight as he wields tremendous influence in Afghanistan. He is a wealthy businessman who heads the Ghani Group, which is based in Kabul. The company provides security services, construction, energy, power, and information technology, according to the India Times.

Ghani also represents the Ahmadazai, one of the largest and most powerful tribes in the region. The Times notes:

He is also chief of the grand council of Kuchis or pastoral nomads that belong to the north, south and west of Afghanistan. Ahmadazai are one of the tribes that belong to this group.

It seems that with each day that passes, the shift in power becomes even more palpable. While there are pockets of resistance to the Taliban's rule, the organization remains in charge, and it does not appear that they will be dislodged anytime soon. If more influential people like Ghani throw their support behind the Taliban, it will only further reaffirm its position as the dominant force in the country.

Unfortunately, it appears this is exactly what is happening.

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