CODE RED: Biden, The Taliban’s ATM

America has 8 days to evacuate the remaining Americans left outside the wire. Eight days. We don't know how many Americans we need to rescue. The administration doesn't know either. President Biden told the nation that he planned on every contingency. Apparently, chaos and hostages were part of the president's plan.

The Taliban isn't willing to negotiate with President Biden for more time. RedState's Bonchie just covered the subject of the Taliban setting August 31st as its non-negotiable “red line”. What that “red line” translates into, will be cold hard cash. If there is a deadline move, it will be bought with American treasure. Assuming the likelihood that in 8 days, thousands of Americans will be stranded without support, we will be left with a hostage negotiation. Biden will be left with thee choices. Pay for hostages, attempt to rescue hostages, or just leave them behind.

Either way, America will pay a heavy price. Because of President Biden's epic ineptitude, the Taliban already has billions in US treasure in the form of lethal weaponry. The Taliban are banking on Biden paying to play the hostage game. President Biden might as well set up a “No Limit” ATM for the Taliban.

Call it the Bank of Biden, Ransom & Extortion Branch.

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