Texas Courthouse Defies Biden Order to Lower Flags for Fallen Service Members

In a move that surprised more than a few of Joe Biden's harshest critics, the besieged president ordered American flags to be flown at half-staff to honor American service members who died in the terrorist attack at the Kabul airport on Thursday. Was the surprise unfair? Perhaps.

Then again, I — and millions of other patriotic Americans — don't give a damn if it is.

Those 13 service members and more than 160 Afghan men, women, and children would be alive today — if not for the ill-advised, catastrophic decisions of the woefully inept stooge in the Oval Office.

Here's the “proclamation” from the (ahem) “commander in chief.”

As a mark of respect for the U.S. service members and other victims killed in the terrorist attack on August 26, 2021, in Kabul, Afghanistan, by the authority vested in me as President of the United States by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, I hereby order that the flag of the United States shall be flown at half-staff at the White House and upon all public buildings and grounds, at all military posts and naval stations, and on all naval vessels of the Federal Government in the District of Columbia and throughout the United States and its Territories and possessions until sunset, August 30, 2021.

I also direct that the flag shall be flown at half-staff for the same length of time at all United States embassies, legations, consular offices, and other facilities abroad, including all military facilities and naval vessels and stations.

Sorry, no. At at least one county courthouse in Texas, that is.

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry announced Friday that the courthouse in Fayette County, Texas, would defy the order because of how Biden facilitated the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan — needlessly and foolishly putting untold lives at risk. Ominously, following the attack, even Biden warned that other terrorist attacks against American forces and/or civilians in Kabul are “highly likely.”

Perry explained why the county courthouse opted to defy Biden's order, on Facebook (emphasis, mine).

The Fayette County Courthouse won't be flying the American flag at half-staff today as ordered by President Joe Biden.

Before he was a Judge, my friend Joe Weber was a General in the Marine Corps.

He knows the best way to honor the Marines and Navy Corpsman who were killed yesterday in Kabul is to recognize their selfless service and sacrifice by flying Old Glory high and proud.

That's what they would want; that's what their families would want. We have dipped our colors and bent the knee to terrorists under this Administration.

No more, at least not in Fayette County, Texas. Semper Fi

Amen. Semper Fi. Hell yes.

In an article last week titled Taliban Drops Ultimate Taunt on Biden in New Photo, I suggested that a U.S. Marine from another era, CPL Eddie Miller, would also take issue with the disaster who is Joe Biden, and no doubt insist as well that Old Glory be flown high and proud.

CPL Miller was not only a 22-year-old tank driver who drove his tank onto the black, volcanic sand beach of Iwo Jima on Day One of what would be one of the bloodiest battles of World War II; he was also my dad.

In the article, I said, while I still miss my dad, I was glad he didn't have to see this:

I'm also glad my dad and other members of “The Greatest Generation” did not have to see today's “commander in chief” in action. Yeah — I'm pretty sure what that proud Marine and his buddies would think of Joseph Robinette Biden. I just can't say it in print.

As my colleague Nick Arama reported earlier, Biden and “Dr.” Jill left early Sunday morning for Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to “officially receive” the thirteen fallen heroes, or as Daily Mail called it, a “dignified transfer.”

Call me “nit-picky,” but as I see it, a “dignified transfer” required “dignified” on both sides of the transfer.

Biden? I'm surprised he has the cojones to show his face.

Then again, delusion.

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