People Play ‘Spot the Fed’ at Today’s ‘Insurrection’ as Embarrassing Spectacle Unfolds

While I've been driving across the country today, others gathered in Washington, D.C., for the so-called “Justice for January 6th” rally. So, was there an insurrection, as so many in cable news predicted? In a word, no. Rather, there was an embarrassing spectacle, where media members and undercover feds seemed to outnumber the protesters.

Despite it being obvious that this wouldn't be a big event, the USCP laughably put up fencing around the Capitol like they were protecting from an onslaught of fully-armed revolutionaries. But perhaps cosplaying revolution is the point for our government? Gotta really make it seem like the threat is real to justify the overbearing police state.

Hilariously, onlookers spent most of the day playing “spot the fed.”

Once it became clear that no violence was going to take place, the police, in full riot gear, marched out of the area. Apparently, the USCP employs some four-foot-tall officers.

Meanwhile, the actual crowd was full of press members hoping to provide fodder for Democrats as we head into 2022. For them, today was the day they were banking on to turn Joe Biden's slide around. They desperately wanted another January 6th incident to hang their hat on. Instead, they got… well, they got nothing.

If you are keeping score at home, the US government is now 0-7 in predicting “right-wing” violence since January 6th. Maybe we ought to look into some new intelligence agencies? Just a thought, given their penchant for never getting anything right. After all, we did just drone seven kids in Afghanistan, so Joe Biden could claim victory in the midst of his failure.

Where do things go from here? They go nowhere. There is no massive “right-wing” threat. There will be no redux of January 6th. Democrats are going to have to compete in 2022 on their own merits, and boy, do their merits suck. The feds can keep poking and prodding, hoping to stoke a reaction that provides fodder, but it seems no one is up for taking the bait. Thus, you end up with today's laughable scene.

This country has real problems. People gathering to protest is not one of them. And let's not forget that while the feds were wasting masses of men and resources to stand around at a non-violent rally, the Southern border is quite literally being invaded due to a lack of law enforcement personnel. That's the idiocy of our government perfectly illustrated.

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