Staffers Trying to Build ‘Wall’ to Stop People From Seeing What a Mess Biden Is

We've already heard some of the allegations in Bob Woodward and Robert Costa's new book “Peril,” because of their claims about the actions of General Mark Milley, his interference with the proper process and chain of command, contact with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi that was effectively a coup effort, and very questionable contacts with the Chinese which he hasn't denied.

Now, it's obvious that you have to take anything connected with Bob Woodward with a huge grain of salt.

But there's one part of the book about Joe Biden that you know rings true, because it's supported by other, prior reports.

That's the report that White House aides set up a “wall to protect Biden from ‘unscripted events and long interviews amid fears of the president's testiness and habit of mangling statements,'” according to the new book.

From Fox News:

“That side of Biden — his tendency to at times be testy or mangle statements — was still with him and now part of his presidency,” the book says.

In turn, a number of Biden aides told the reporters that Chief of Staff Ronald Klain and then-White House advisor Anita Dunn worked to prevent such incidents by keeping him away from “unscripted events or long interviews.”

“They called the effect ‘the wall,' a cocooning of the president,” they wrote.

However, the authors note that those incidents still kept appearing, despite that protective bubble.

You can see it constantly — the effort after he has to make some remarks and then the media tries to ask questions. The staff swoops in and immediately tries to get them out of the room, even rudely, the main idea being removal immediately.

Here's Biden, back in June, screwing up during a meeting at the G7 — claiming that Boris Johnson hadn't recognized one of the leaders — when in fact, he had. Boris and others laugh at him. Boris puts out his arm to stop Joe, like you do to a child to stop when they get out of hand. Then the Biden staff tell the Sky News reporter to get out at the end of the video, knowing he/she may have caught the gaffe.

You can see it here, from August, with the staff literally pushing people out the door.

Even CNN had to admit it during the G7.

There's only so much you can “cocoon” someone, when they actually have to make public appearances and interact with people. He could hide in the basement during the campaign and blame the pandemic. He can't do that now. Anytime he opens his mouth, he's getting into trouble because he can't read his teleprompter or notes, and has no idea what he's saying because he's just reading it.

Interactions like meetings, events, and interviews — where he has to speak extemporaneously — are the third rail for Biden, as we saw with the G7.

This report also hits on something that should get more attention. Yes, he's a gaffe-ridden mess, but he's also a very nasty character when he gets challenged by anyone — that “testiness.” We saw during the campaign how he even yelled at voters and called them names, like “fat” and “dog-faced pony soldier.”

As we previously reported, Biden allegedly “scolded his aides in profanity-laced episodes,” that he had “a short fuse.” He also needs “hours of debate,” and that it “takes days or weeks to make up his mind as he examines and second-guesses himself and others” before he's able to come to decisions.

We see it now in his angry yelling rants at Americans for not thinking he's right about Afghanistan and saying he's losing “patience” with Americans who are unvaccinated. Neither are ways that Americans should be addressed by someone who is supposed to be serving us.

Unfortunately, Americans were sold a false package by Democrats. This is someone who is not a unifier, but a nasty, testy, incoherent mess.

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