The Women’s March Fights Female Oppression by Commanding How Women March

Not shocking the Women’s March, with a history of ineptitude, would fail to make sense.

Across the country yesterday it was claimed that a monumental event took place with numerous gatherings organized by the Women’s March, an event most would have been unaware of taking place without significant media coverage. The rallies in numerous cities were staged in response to the number of new fetal protection laws which have been passed, but the muted reception indicates a lack of fervor.

There were signs the organizers were not exactly tapping into the general attitude of the populace. Distributing signs which read Abortion Is Essential was a sign of fractured thinking, and the organizers said the purpose of the marches was to preserve “abortion justice,” a cooked-up term that may actually serve the opposite of the intended purpose. Then there was the usual celebrity presence.

At one rally, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence appeared in support. She brandished a hand-written sign reading,  “Women can’t be free if they can’t control their bodies.” This messaging is a little off-kilter. An abortion is usually sought for an unwanted pregnancy, a result indicating a certain level of uncontrolled use of their body. But the actress’ appearance alone itself undercuts the overall pro-abortion messaging — Lawrence is currently pregnant.

But the organizers themselves may have been the source of the most tone-deaf commentary of the day.

In a series of tweets from the Women’s March official account, they were giving advice to those wishing to attend, and one directive, in particular, was compromising. After directing the ladies not to use any coat hanger graphics in their posters (“we don’t want to accidentally reenforce [sic] right-wing talking points”, was the rationale) they next gave orders commanding what they deemed inappropriate attire.

Well, this is a certain technique to undercut your message on multiple levels. Let’s just start with staging a protest to oppose the oppression of women, but then before the rally, you list off rules for the ladies to conduct themselves in proper fashion. How do you not sound ludicrous, when women are gathering to demand they not be told what to do with their bodies, but you send out a note telling them what they cannot wear on those same bodies?

Then, there is the contradiction of claiming to represent all women, but then segregate those in the movement. Telling the white women they cannot behave in a certain fashion has plenty of issues. The suggestion is that a fictional book/television program is unrepresentative, and therefore improper. The Handmaid’s Tale is about the subjugation of women in an authoritarian government, but it is interesting to learn that only white women are the ones oppressed in this tale. Somehow the Women’s March feels that the designation of oppressed women does not include minority women, somehow.

The real amusement is that this shorthand imagery of Handmaid’s dystopia has been a favored device of the left for years now. To see another leftist outfit declaring a favored protest tactic is now forbidden is amusement enough, but then consider the message this new directive delivers. The implication is that white women are exhibiting privilege, somehow, in the way they are claiming oppression. Some women are more oppressed than others, therefore you cannot claim oppression that is…more oppressive than what others are feeling, I think?

But this is also all over an issue that surrounds the eugenics-based desire to control the proliferation of the black community, and it continues to impact that race specifically, through to this day. The CDC tabulated the annual abortions by race, and black women were disproportionately seen to be among those getting the procedure; non-Hispanic black females account for one-third of all abortions performed, while only consisting of 12% of the population.

For the Women’s March to attempt at signaling concern for blacks — while touting for a procedure that is affecting that group in an inordinate degree — is the most oblivious stance to take. For this organization to suppress women’s voices, while claiming female oppression, is all the reason needed for The Women’s March to continue seeing a diminished influence. They continue to disqualify themselves with each rally and announcement.

Demanding that females stop expressing their suppression in a suppressive fashion is the kind of comedy that leads to becoming obsolete.

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