Biden Needs to Answer up Now: Where Is the Missing Baby?

There were a lot of stories of chaos out of Kabul after the country fell to the Taliban and in the mad rush of people trying to get out of the country.

Joe Biden's failure was probably one of the biggest military failures, at least in recent memory, particularly his failure to provide for the safe escape of the folks that we had an obligation to get out.

Instead, after Biden was chastised for not getting out enough people on the planes, he reportedly told them to put on “Afghans at risk” on the plane, and women and children — that was over 100,000 of the people of the 124,00 that Biden evacuated — people who didn't necessarily have any relation to helping the U.S. or being previously vetted. Meanwhile people to whom we owed a real obligation, American citizens and thousands of Afghan allies, were abandoned.

Some of those Americans and allies are still trapped, but the Biden team has moved on, not caring about those they left behind.

You may recall the situation — thousands of Afghans massing outside the airport, trying to get past the Taliban checkpoints and inside the gates. People were being crushed in the crowd and endangered of being killed. Some of the babies and smaller children were handed over the walls to the Marines and other military who were manning the walls.

We wrote about one viral case, where a Marine helped lift a little girl over the wall who was later reunited with her parents. That Marine was later cheered at a Trump rally for what he did and is now being investigated by the Department of Defense for saying a few words about the rescue.

But there's a horrible story that occurred in all that madness that Biden created that didn't go viral and hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.

Mirza Ali, his wife Suraya, and their five children were out in that madness, trying to get through to the airport gate. Mirza said he worked as a security guard for the U.S. Embassy in Kabul for 10 years. That would make him and his family exactly the people that we should have been trying to get out, if he helped the United States.

The family was only about 16 feet away from the gate, but they feared for the safety of their son, two- month-old Sohail, in the crush. So they handed Sohail over the wall to a U.S. servicemember, who offered to help them. That was August 19.

They haven't seen Sohail since.

The family made it past the gate and into the airport about a half hour after they handed the baby to the service member and asked about the baby, but no one seemed to know where the baby was.

He said a military commander told him the airport was too dangerous for a baby and that he might have been taken to a special area for children. But when they got there it was empty.

“He walked with me all around the airport to search everywhere,” Mirza Ali said in an interview through a translator. He said he never got the commander's name, as he didn't speak English and was relying on Afghan colleagues from the embassy to help communicate. Three days went by.

“I spoke to maybe more than 20 people,” he said. “Every officer – military or civilian – I came across I was asking about my baby.”

He said one of the civilian officials he spoke to told him Sohail might have been evacuated by himself. “They said ‘we don't have resources to keep the baby here.'”

But it's November now, the family is in the United States at Fort Bliss in Texas, and they still haven't found the baby.

How can you lose a baby? This is shameful, that after all this time, the parents are still left in limbo over this.

Where's the baby, and what is the Biden Administration doing about it? Surely they must be all over this… since they care so much about separated families?

A U.S. government official familiar with the situation said the case had been flagged for all the agencies involved, including the U.S. bases and overseas locations. The child was last seen being handed to a U.S. soldier during the chaos at the Kabul airport but “unfortunately no one can find the child,” the official said.

A Department of Defense spokesperson and a spokesperson for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, which is overseeing resettlement efforts, referred queries on the matter to the State Department, since the separation took place overseas.

A State Department spokesperson said the government is working with international partners and the international community “to explore every avenue to locate the child, which includes an international amber alert that was issued through the International Center for Missing and Exploited Children.”

So, basically they have no idea is what that translates to.

We reported earlier about Joe Biden's bizarre screaming, when he was questioned again about payouts to illegal aliens. He previously avoided the question and then claimed it was a garbage report. But after he got busted by the ACLU for lying, with the ACLU saying, yes, they were in talks with the Biden Administration over payouts, the White House then had to admit it .

Biden tried to justify his lie by attacking the Trump Administration, claiming that the payments he had previously denied were because of the prior administration “lost their child.” They “lost their child,” Biden railed, providing no evidence that children were actually lost.

I have a question for Joe Biden. Here's a case where you have an actual child who was truly lost because of your chaotic bumbling withdrawal from Afghanistan. What are you doing to help find this baby and reunite him with his parents? Scream at yourself and find this baby.

This is disgraceful. Because your administration is such a disaster area, this has happened to these poor parents. Find this baby. Now.

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