The Rittenhouse Trial Wasn’t the One We Really Needed to Watch

The trial of Kyle Rittenhouse was little more than a sideshow that allowed the media and activists to try and defame a misguided young man for daring to want to protect others and their private property.

Rittenhouse should not have been on the streets of Kenosha, essentially playing vigilante while the streets around him burned. But the evidence in the trial proved that, while maybe he shouldn't have been there and maybe he didn't fully grasp how serious that situation was, he acted in self-defense and without any motivations beyond wanting to protect people and their property. After all, as much as I believe Rittenhouse shouldn't have been there, those he killed should not have been either, along with all the rioters who sought chaos and anarchy.

The media and all the blue checks on Twitter saw the outcome of the trial and determined that, rather than justice playing out (perhaps with a little help from an incredibly incompetent prosecution team), white supremacy was being upheld. Never mind that no one in the Rittenhouse story was black. Never mind that he was wanting to protect minority-owned businesses from being burned down. They decided he was there as a counter-protestor to BLM (he wasn't) and that he is now a racist murderer.

While all this is going on, almost every single one of those personalities ignored a much more important trial happening in Georgia.

The trial of Travis McMichael, George McMichael, and William Bryan, Jr. will come to an end soon. Today, in fact, we'll hear closing arguments. Those three men stand accused of an array of charges, from felony murder to assault to false imprisonment in the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

My colleague, Jeff Charles, has been providing stellar coverage of the developments in the trial, all of which were happening while the left was having a collective freakout over what was happening in the Rittenhouse trial.

The left likes to play up the worries that there will be more Rittenhouses, more vigilantes out there killing “mostly peaceful” demonstrators. But they are so obsessed with a white kid who killed white violent rioters that they have seemingly forgotten about the white men who unjustly sought out and killed a black man. They, too, were little more than vigilantes, but for some reason, the media is more obsessed with Rittenhouse.

The system worked in Rittenhouse's case. He was arrested and put on trial, and twelve jurors looked at all the evidence and determined he was not guilty. But in the Arbery murder, the system worked against the victim from the start. The McMichaels men and Bryan, Jr. were not only not arrested, but the local district attorney blocked the arrests of the men who killed him. The system worked to prevent justice in this case, and it took a public outcry to change that.

This is a case where the system upheld some of the worst aspects of society today. Luckily, the public outcry was enough to get other authorities involved and the case progressed as it should have from the start. I don't know how the jury will decide, but I am hoping that justice will play out as it should in this case. Ahmaud Arbery should not be dead, and there must be accountability for his death.

But, for most on social media, the most important thing happening was the trial of a white kid who killed two men attacking him and wounded a third. They focused on the white kid in the middle of a riot who killed white men and have largely ignored the white men who killed a single black man they went looking for and waited to apprehend themselves. Whether it was the BLM aspect of the riots or the “big, scary gun” that Rittenhouse had, they were more focused on the case that, arguably, should never have been brought against Rittenhouse instead of a case that local officials tried to sweep under the rug.

What does that say about the activists with those nifty little blue checks next to their names? Nothing good.

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