Jill Biden Isn’t a Real Doctor, Neither Are Teachers — Stop Playing Doctor

My wife and I had been called for a parent-teacher conference for our second-grader. We walked into the classroom and sat in front of our son's teacher. She got right down to business. There was something wrong with our son and we were called to discuss a solution.

Teacher: “I think your son needs to be medicated. I think he has ADD.”

I was calm and asked for a clinical explanation. Yeah, that's not true – I was seething. I looked at my wife and she knew this was going to go south, and quickly. She put out her hand to squeeze my leg, the universal wife signal to shut up. She was going to handle it with more aplomb than me, but I had to ask one question.

Me: “Oh, really,” I said. “ADD? ADD — You've diagnosed our 7-year-old with ADD. What medical school did you attend?”

The teacher was leaning back in her chair like I'd stunned her with a Taser. My wife stepped in and did the talking from that point forward.

Wife: “So, what makes you think he has ADD?”

Teacher: “Well, he's really active and disruptive.”

Wife: “How so?”

Teacher: “He's constantly moving in his seat – moving his legs, moving his feet up and down.”

Wife: “Is that it?”

Teacher: “No, he flicks his pencil in his hand. Moves it back and forth.”

Wife: “Huh. Okay, does he bother any of the other children; does he touch anyone or disrupt anyone else?”

Teacher: “Well no, but it's really disruptive and annoying.”

Wife: “So he moves a lot in his chair and flicks his pencil but doesn't bother any of the children, but he bothers you. Sounds like he's a boy and this is a you problem.”

They found a solution. He was assigned to help another child with learning disabilities. It was a chore that should have been assigned to an adult. In third grade, he and the other student were assigned to different classes. He didn't have ADD — he never did. His teacher simply wanted to medicate an active boy.

In California, students were bribed with pizzas and jabbed without a parent's consent. Instead of dispensing crayons and paper, LASD teachers are dispensing medical advice — this time it's not identifying ADD rather, telling children that they should get vaxxed.

I am vaccinated. So is my wife. When our children were of school age, we never hesitated to fully vaccinate our children but this process of jabbing children without a parent's ok and then pulling them aside to provide opinions on a vaccine sure looks and feels like medical advice, and it's wrong.

Regardless of what Whoopi Goldberg thinks, educators like Jill Biden — even those who demand to be called “Doctor” — are not MDs. Teachers should stick to teaching what they are trained to teach. Teachers should stop playing doctor.

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