New Vaccine Study Suggests mRNA Vaccines Actually Increase Probability of Being Infected With Omicron After 90 Days

With the spread of Omicron for the last couple of months, members of the Branch Covidian Cult have been freebasing their latest fix for panic, fed to them by their dealers and the other members of the fear cartel. As they froth at the mouth, demanding that we partake of their mind-altering drug-of-choice, their monotonal chant drones on, demanding we “follow the science” and “trust the scientists” absent a single study supporting their fear, without identifying a single scientist whom we should trust, and, more importantly, why we should trust them. Fauci has become a meme of himself in recent months (and especially over the last seven days), as the claims he’s made regarding the virus and its origins have proven to be anything from laughably ridiculous to dangerously misleading.

Oftentimes, the decree from the cultists to “follow the science” means to only follow the “science” they’ve been fed by people who claim to be the science and not the totality of the science, as we at RedState have pointed out time and time again. The initial CDC mask study only showed a 1.32% advantage to mask mandates, within the margin of error for that data set, meaning that suggesting that mask mandates work or that the data suggests they do is, at the very least, unsupported by that same data. When I have previously compared the data between states or countries that have mask mandates to states and countries that don’t have those same mandates, it showed that mandates have had no effect in slowing or stopping infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Yet, the cultists continue their chants, alleging that those questioning their data are in fact, conspiracy theorists and that they are peddling dangerous misinformation.

When Omicron began its initial spread, I was quick to analyze the data coming out of South Africa because I was less worried about that same data being fudged by our government before we had access to it. I found that the data showed that while Omicron is certainly more transmissible than previous variants, it certainly was much less severe and deadly than previous variants including Delta. Nearly a month ago (November 29th), I stated that the data coming out of South Africa provided “factual rejections of [the] COVID vaccine effectiveness narrative,” as the majority of early cases were found in the vaccinated despite the fact those same people represent a minority of the population.

In South Africa, nearly every early case of Omicron was in fully vaccinated people, despite only 23.8% of the population being vaccinated at the time. While that data would suggest that vaccinated people are more likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaccinated, I stopped short of saying that because it was still very early in the spread of Omicron and the data could change. What was clear, though, was that South Africa was in the midst of an outbreak of a new and more transmissible variant.

Again on December 13th, I tackled this myth that Omicron was going to make it worse in the US, by updating that data out of South Africa, this time showing that there was even more data to suggest that not only was Omicron nowhere near as severe as the fear-nibarbital consuming cultists want you to believe. With an astounding 1100% increase in cases, South Africa only had an 8.32% increase in deaths. Again, at the time, South Africa’s vaccination rate was below 25%. Meanwhile, the United States, with more than double the vaccination rate of South Africa, has nearly twice the new caseload and five times the rate of death from COVID than that of South Africa. That data would suggest that being vaccinated makes you more likely to be infected with Omicron than being unvaccinated.

Making such a bold claim was something I still held short of actually doing as I feared earning the undeserved eye of social media fact-checkers, who could ban the link or label it as misinformation.  It wouldn’t be the first time a vaccine has made the situation worse either, as admitted by Anthony Fauci early in the pandemic. As I reported December 15th, Fauci said during a Facebook Live event with Mark Zuckerberg in March 2020 that vaccine development must include the potential that vaccines could make people worse. While I had my suspicions that the vaccine may actually make you more likely to be infected with Omicron than being unvaccinated, I was careful to make sure that I made clear I wasn’t specifically stating that.

Fauci went on to state that vaccines which he supervised the development of, “actually made individuals more likely to get infected.”

Now, data from a new study suggests negative effectiveness, that is the very thing Fauci warned as a potential: a higher likelihood of being infected with Omicron than if you had simply been unvaccinated, 90 days after being vaccinated. The study, entitled “Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 infection with the Omicron or Delta variants following a two-dose or booster BNT162b2 or mRNA-1273 vaccination series: A Danish cohort study,” shows that both mRNA vaccines maintained a better than 50% effectiveness against previous variants of COVID-19, that effectiveness drops to nearly zero 60 days after the vaccine is administered and actually provides a negative response after 90 days. In fact, initial vaccine efficacy against Omicron for both vaccines tested was below that of the effectiveness against Delta after more than 90 days.

When factoring for the confidence interval, both vaccines show a potential of causing negative effectiveness after 30 days, and the data show that only the Pfizer vaccine has results that indicate a positive effect for the first thirty days. Moderna’s vaccine consistently shows the potential of cause in negative results, that is, a higher likelihood of infection, from the date of vaccination forward.

What this tells us is what the data have been telling us all along: That the vaccines provide no protection against Omicron, and can even make it more likely for you to be infected with the virus.  While boosters may reduce that threat, it would only be for 30 days before that boost faded and the probability of being infected would return to that of the unvaccinated, or higher.

I am sure that we won’t hear about this study in the mainstream media, and the Biden Administration won’t be using this science to form their policy decisions.

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