This May Just Be the Slimiest Media Move Yet Against Ted Cruz

How slimy can the liberal media be? Well, there's no doubt that — over time — we've seen many examples.

Liberal media has thrown out a lot of norms in their effort to back the Democratic party. Once upon a time, they pretended they cared about being objective. But that time has long since passed. But, perhaps one of the worst things is going after the underage kids of politicians. It's always been a big no-no — and for good reason.

That didn't stop the Dallas Morning News from stalking the Tik Tok account of the 13-year-old daughter of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). If ever there was an example of slime, this would be it. The Dallas Observer, Raw Story, and Salon also ran with the story.

Now, I'm not going to run what she says, the Morning News doesn't even back up their story with actual quotes. She's 13 years old, and it's not even newsworthy that she might have different views than her father. It's America; people have different views, especially teenagers who are still growing up.

But that's about it. She doesn't say anything against her father or anything particularly newsworthy. But they want to use that to bash her father? I can't even begin to say how disgusting that is. Those papers should be ashamed of themselves that they would go there. I don't know who was behind the decision to run such a story, but they all should get canned for such bad judgment. If you're stalking a kid's Tik Tok trying to come up with stories, you should be rethinking your career. It should be understood to be off-limits. But it isn't to them, because of politics.

But meanwhile, these are the same types of media who would hide behind “Hunter Biden is the child of Joe Biden” to not cover important stories about him when he's 51 years old — and when those stories directly bear on questions surrounding corruption, including corruption connected to his father and including alleged connections to Russia and China that might indicate that he and/or Joe Biden were compromised.

The Dallas Morning News got excoriated by conservatives — and even some liberals — on Twitter for writing about a teen.

Then, there are also stories about Hunter Biden allegedly talking about his father's dementia. The media did everything they could to cover for the Bidens, even with social media preventing the sharing of a critical story about Hunter's laptop in October 2020, shortly before the election. How much did that affect the election? We wouldn't ever know exactly, but there was a percentage of people who voted for Joe Biden — 4.6 percent — who said had they known about the story, they would not have voted for him.

There's a fundamental difference between something like covering a teenager's Tik Tok comments and covering a newsworthy story like that of Hunter Biden. Or even that of Ashley Biden, another story that the media is scrupulously avoiding, that involves potential allegations about her father and the possible use of the federal law enforcement to go after journalists. Those are newsworthy stories about adult children but involving the father and/or possible abuses of power. Thinking that's just a bit more important than a teenager being a teenager. But if you're rushing out to see the mainstream media coverage of these Biden stories, you needn't bother because they appear to be missing. A 13-year-old's Tik Tok video is fodder for stories? Be ashamed, be very ashamed, media, if you did this.

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