The Latest Person To Try To Cancel Joe Rogan Is Watching It All Blow up in His Face

If you're going to take a shot at the king, don't miss. The latest guy to attempt it sure did, and now he's getting dragged through the digital public square despite the media's best attempts to get people on his side.

Podcast extraordinaire Joe Rogan is one of the most listened to men in America, attracting listeners from all sides of the political spectrum, race, religion, and more. His shows usually feature interesting people who have interesting insights and information while Rogan himself continues to be relatable as America's everyman.

It's a formula that works so well for him that he currently attracts around 11 million people to every episode he releases. For context, Tucker Carlson, America's number one watched cable news host, attracts around 3.2 million per episode.

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One of the reasons Rogan is so popular is that he's not concerned with political correctness and will speak his mind freely and openly. Often, this results in the defiance of the leftist narrative on anything from transgendered people in sports to the way we've been told to panic over the COVID-19 virus. This latter point has put him into the crosshairs of many a leftist, and the latest one is YouTuber Ethan Klein.

You may not remember Klein, but last June he accepted a good-faith offer to debate Steven Crowder about COVID-19 and vaccine authority. When it came time to debate, Klein immediately pulled the rug out and swapped himself out with leftist YouTuber Sam Seder while making snide comments to Crowder in the background. It was a cowardly, dishonest act that he attempted to pass off as a victory since Crowder refused to debate on false terms and logged off the call.

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Klein's “H3 Podcast” continues to lose viewers and relevancy, and in an attempt to maintain some he attacked Rogan after Rogan hosted a Dr. Robert Malone, the man who invented the technology that gave birth to the modern vaccine, including the ones created to tackle COVID-19. Within this episode of the “Joe Rogan Experience,” Malone revealed some background and facts about the vaccine that is wildly inconvenient to the left's narrative about it.

This seemed to upset Klein who launched into a tirade about Rogan, his health practices, and the fact that he's responsible for a lot of vaccine hesitancy in our society.

“Joe Rogan, who lives on elk meat, egg yolk, and human growth hormone, with lungs full of tar, thinks he's healthier than everyone,” Klein tweeted earlier this week.

This was followed by anger at Rogan for promoting things like Ivermectin while he himself was sick with the Coronavirus.

Needless to say, the responses Klein got to his tweet were less than agreeable. Since he tweeted it, many have begun attacking Klein on his stances and massive hypocrisy in his accusation of Rogan living an unhealthy lifestyle. To be sure, Rogan is very fit while Klein is overweight.

The interesting part is that the mainstream media decided that this was worth covering in detail. It immediately jumped to the defense of Klein and took up attacking Rogan as well. NBC News attempted to paint the backlash toward Klein as “fatphobic” and antisemitic:

Joe Rogan's fans are responding to criticism of the podcast host's fringe medical stances with fatphobic and antisemitic remarks, which have only intensified after YouTube personality Ethan Klein criticized him for spreading Covid vaccine misinformation.

Yet, despite the media's help, Klein doesn't seem to be winning any fights here. People are noticing that NBC didn't point out exactly where the antisemitic tweets are, and the “fatphobic” comments NBC claimed were being thrown at him were simply people pointing out that Klein has no room to talk about the “unhealthy” lifestyle of others. As it stands, it's only served to embarrass Klein further.

When the dust settles, Rogan will likely be more popular than ever, but the same can't be said of Klein who continues to slip into irrelevancy with his only gasps for air happening when he starts drama with people who are more popular than him. At the end of the day, this attack on Rogan looks more like an attempt at getting attention.

To be sure, it worked, but the greater concern isn't that Klein got what he wanted, it's that our own mainstream media is attempting to help him do it. To be more accurate, it's highly unlikely they even care about Klein. What they care about is trying to collapse Rogan, who continues to complicate matters for them.

But it's highly unlikely that Rogan is going anywhere and he'll continue to be a major problem for them for the forseeable future.

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