Impeachment Idea Floating Around As GOP Expected to Won Primaries

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Joe Biden is making it extremely tough for members of his party to win in the upcoming primaries. His decision to push mandates on people laced with punishments has led to many citizens wishing they had never voted for the man. His policies are filled with socialist ideas that are incompatible with the Constitution. And those who support him vote along party lines, never realizing just how passionate the man has become. The Democrats’ refusal to work with Republicans to combat the illegal methods of the president is costing them dearly, and the primaries are going to show why.

The Democrats’ reluctance to work with all members and branches of government has led to the formation of the red wave. The wave has been seen sweeping out state-level Democrats in regions that were once blue to its core. The state of Virginia is a prime example of the effects the red wave will have on Democrats at all levels of politics.

Virginia was once heralded as an excellent platform for the Democrats. They took over the state, and for a long time, it has remained blue. But when the Democrats started to socialize the state, the voters banded together and declared with a loud voice that they were not willing to walk where the liberals wanted to tread.

The future of the demonic Democrats is shaky, and everyone knows it. Senator Ted Cruz tells people the liberals are in trouble come the midterm elections. The House of Representatives hangs in the balance as people seriously consider casting their votes for people who care about them. The only party that has cared for people has been the Republican Party.

The Republican senator also mentions that once it happens, the move to impeach the old man will be one of the first things that they do as a Congress that cares. Joe Biden has lied to the people and has thrown everyone to the wolves. He would rather protect illegals and let criminals out of prison rather than stand up for a country that he is supposed to love and serve.

Cruz stated that he is “very optimistic about 2022. I put the odds of the Republicans winning the House at 90/10 and it may even be higher than that.”

Ted Cruz has been fighting for the country’s integrity for the past several years. Ever since the Democrats fought to impeach Donald Trump to present-day socialism dumping, he has stood for what is right. He desires to win the House back and, then, go after Biden and his administration and look into the secret dealings of the Democratic Party.

The patriotic senator also pointed out that “whether it’s justified or not, the Democrats weaponized impeachment. They used it for partisan purposes to go after [former President Donald] Trump because they disagreed with him. One of the real disadvantages of doing that is the more you weaponize it and turn it into a partisan cudgel, you know what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

He is determined to give the liberals a taste of their own medicine. They need to be reminded of what it means to be an American and what it means to work with every person to find a realistic solution to making America the greatest nation on earth. America is the one place in the world that people want to come and live. And the reason why they want to come is simply that they want to live free.

Cruz knows that voters will request for the conservative House to look into the dealings of Joe Biden. He has mentioned that the number one issue that needs to be addressed is the southern border. The president has failed to secure the border, and he continues to ignore the issue, hoping that somehow it will all but disappear.

There are enough issues to bring articles of impeachment against the president. But for right now, he is being protected by his Democratic supporters, which is why he thinks no one can touch him.

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