Chuck Todd Gives up the Game in Bizarre Comments on Joe Biden’s Partisan Capitol Riot Speech

As we've documented on numerous occasions, NBC News “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd is about as partisan an actor in the mainstream media as it gets.

Though he tries to put on a good front when he wants people to believe he and his colleagues on the news side at MSNBC and NBC News are “objective,” in reality Todd is one of the worst offenders when it comes to acting as an apologist/cheerleader for Democrats and their pet causes.

The cases in point are too numerous to mention in one post, but a couple of recent examples include Todd blaming President Joe Biden's low approval ratings on former President Trump, claiming the COVID crisis is “not Biden's fault”:

“His two big promises were to get Covid behind us and to get rid of Donald Trump. Covid's not behind us and Donald Trump's still lurking. It's not his fault, but is that why we're in this no-man's land here for him?”

… with another recent notable example being Todd explaining the real reason behind the media's obsession with new COVID variants: because of how much potential they have to hurt Joe Biden and other Democrats at the ballot box in 2022.

But it was Todd's fawning commentary over Biden's wildly partisan Capitol riot anniversary speech from Thursday that perhaps give up the game more than anything else he's said in terms of what team he – and most members of the D.C. press corps – goes to bat for from a political perspective.

In his remarks, Todd squeed that the speech was “a full-throated defense of the American democracy,” and was only considered “partisan” by people who “somehow accept some of former President Trump's beliefs about what happened in this election”:

But it was a few moments later when Todd told us who he really is, declaring that the only way you could be “pro-democracy and pro-America” was to accept whatever Biden had to say about January 6th and the 2020 elections:

“He had to do it for history's sake. But he had to do it, I think, for those that are on the side of the democracy….I think this was probably easily the most important speech he's given as president, and I think it's his best. And I'll tell you this. If you think that speech was partisan, then you believe the former president's lies. It's only a partisan speech if you think there's somehow a truthful dispute here. If you're pro-democracy and pro-America, it is hard to look at that speech and say, ‘Oh, it's politically skewed.'”


Got that? So anyone who disagrees in whole or in part with Joe Biden is unAmerican, apparently. If you have legitimate disagreements with Biden's/the left's/media's official Capitol riot, 2020 election narratives, you don't believe in democracy or something.

All of this sounds so nauseatingly familiar, doesn't it? If you sometimes disagree with Democrats on issues like pandemic lockdowns and medical experts on masks, you hate America and want it to fail, and want the coronavirus to spread and people to die, etc.

It's the same old song, sung by the same bad-faith actors who continue to demonstrate gross derelictions of duty when it comes to doing their jobs in REPORTING the news in a way that allows for their readers and viewers to form their OWN opinions rather than it being spoon-fed to them.

Incredibly, in that same segment, an apparently history-challenged Todd also laughably proclaimed that more people accepted the election of President Abraham Lincoln than they did of Joe Biden. I simply can't with these people anymore. I just can't.

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