Universities Fight Racism in the Redneck Realm of Nuclear Science

Racism: As it turns out, it's all around. Even in areas you may assume are safe, the aberrant idea emerges.

Thankfully, colleges around the country are whacking white wickedness.

Amid their pummeling of prejudice: an assault on the nefarious nature of nuclear science.

As relayed by The College Fix, a triumvirate of universities is attempting to right the field's racial wrongs.

Princeton University is offering a class titled “Nuclear Princeton: An Indigenous Approach to Science and the Environment.”

Curiously, the Ivy League icon refers to a group which allegedly isn't indigenous — historians believe American Indians arrived to the North American continent from Asia by way of the Bering Strait.

Still, since they didn't exactly erect steel mills once they arrived, it isn't difficult to imagine an association with environmentalism. Were they also manipulating atomic nuclei?

Either way — courtesy of the course's official description — Princeton aims to conk colonialism:

[S]tudents will use perspectives from Indigenous studies to critically approach the intersection of Princeton's history, nuclear science, settler colonialism, and environmental racism to collectively imagine a more holistic approach to studying science and the environment.

The school itself's been shady, too.

“What lessons can we learn,” the webpage asks, “from the university's past to conduct morally sound research and generate culturally inclusive knowledge?”

Meanwhile, George Washington University is injecting antiracism — an ideology, as defined by CNN, which demands no one be colorblind — at the cellular level. In November, it hosted the seminar “A Call for Antiracist Action in the U.S. Nuclear Community.”

From its announcement:

A group of nuclear scientists recently published a call for anti-racist action in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, urging researchers and their colleagues to confront a long legacy of racial disparities and injustices in the history of the nuclear field, many of which continue today.

You might think engineers endeavoring in atom-splitting might have better things to do than something so stupid as being racists. Evidently, that isn't the case.

Presumably, that's why the University of Michigan castigated the nuclear engineering arena in the summer of 2020. Per its proclamation:

The nuclear engineering field was founded in military and classified programs with a white, male-dominated, and hierarchical worldview and never really changed. We became a very cloistered field, unable to open the door and welcome vast amounts of talent. To date, the nuclear sector has failed to create a culture where Black people can thrive and have an impact,” the department stated at the time.

And MIT researcher Katlyn Turner — who served on January's “Overcoming the Ecological and Humanitarian Threats of the Nuclear Fuel Trajectory and Nuclear Weapons” panel — relayed the following in a previous interview:

“[Ecological] decisions generally tend to impact people of color, and they tend to impact people in less-resourced socioeconomic classes. And yet those people are not given a seat at the table, so they can't even help shape the conversation in most cases. … I think the story of the nuclear field is similar to the story of most of America. … The nuclear field developed during a time when racist and colonialist ideas were very normalized. … So when you have a system like the nuclear enterprise developing during the time where these sorts of ideas are prevalent, you're going to get a nuclear field that is infused with those norms and as a result systematically erases or dismisses the contributions and concerns of people of color.”

Of course, racism's been fingered in other fields as well.

Headlines over the past couple years have recognized the R-word in general science, technology, mathematics, anthropology, medicine, English, and even grading.

And in geological circles, they're really trying to hammer it out.

Last June, a crew of scientists published “An Actionable Anti-Racism Plan for Geoscience Organizations.”

The essay asserted those with darker skin were kept from entering geology because they were deathly afraid of holding mallets.

According to the experts, black people fear someone may call the cops — who will immediately murder them because they're grasping a dangerous tool.

Back to Princeton, the institution's trying to fix America's ills in a myriad of ways:

Princeton Introduces a New Study Focus on ‘Race and Identity'

Seminary Student Refuses to Take Segregated ‘Antiracism' Training Where He Can ‘Grapple' With His ‘Whiteness'

Princeton Points Students to National Condom Day, Hosts Contraceptive Arts and Crafts

It's unfortunate everyone is so racist. One can only imagine all the productivity that's being prevented due to folks focusing on KKK-ish activities.

And even more productivity will lost due to our necessary efforts to nuke the malady.

Then again, given the situation, perhaps productivity is the last thing nuclear science needs:


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