Biden Talks NFL, Super Bowl and Manages to Accidentally Skewer Eric Garcetti

We brought you part of the interview that NBC's Lester Holt did with Joe Biden this past week already, but there was more that was released Sunday.

As we previously reported, Biden told Holt that he wouldn't send troops to rescue Americans in Ukraine if they were endangered by a Russian invasion because that could trigger a “world war.” He said there was no scenario he could imagine under which he would send troops to rescue Americans there.

So, if Russia were holding off an invasion of any area because they were concerned about what the U.S. reaction might be because of the presence of Americans, Biden just waved at him and said ‘come on in.' Shades of Afghanistan once again. I hope that any Americans who are still there got that message, so they know he would leave them high and dry.

Holt also asked Biden about the conclusions of an Army report showed the Biden Administration disregarded warnings that things were deteriorating in Afghanistan and they needed to plan evacuations. Biden said he completely rejected that report.

So, he denied the reality of the report, and what we all saw spool out before our own eyes with the withdrawal. In the process of what he said to Holt, he couldn't seem to even keep what country he was talking about straight in his head or what he was talking about. “And there is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine…I mean excuse me Iraq…Afghanistan.”

Biden also snapped at Holt, when he asked about Biden previously saying inflation was “temporary,” and Biden told Holt that it was premature for states to end indoor mask mandates.

Now, in the material released today, Holt asked him about the Super Bowl and the NFL.

The NFL has bent over to pay lip service to social justice warriors, but Biden hit the NFL on the failure to hire more minorities “to run teams.”

Biden told Holt that the NFL “should be held to a reasonable standard,” but that they weren't “diverse enough.”

He said they hadn't lived up to “hiring more minorities, to run teams” and “Goodell says they're going to take a look at it, what-whether they can meet the standard. And the standard was set by you know someone who said this is something we should do.” Biden only says what he thinks the politically correct thing is, since it doesn't implicate any action on his part. He has his own long history of racist statements. This is just theater for him and a deflection from the issues that he's facing.

Holt noted that many people attending the Super Bowl would be unmasked, despite the local mandates.

From Newsbusters:

“You were interviewed a year ago about the Super Bowl, and you expressed hope that come this year they'd be able to fill the stands again with people. And that apparently is going to be the case.” Holt kvetched, “However, many of those people won't be wearing masks despite the local law in Los Angeles. What is your message to people who want desperately for this to be over and to be able to to resume the lives that they remember?”

In response to this wailing from Holt, Biden made the jaw dropping sarcastic claim that “I love how people talk about personal freedom. If you're exercising personal freedom, put someone else in jeopardy, their health in jeopardy, I don't consider that being very – dealing with freedom. It's about moving in the direction you know is likely to diminish the prospects that this virus continues to spread.”

So, I have two thoughts for Biden. First, he didn't see the latest WaPo article that said “Mask Mandates Didn't Make Much of a Difference Anyway.” Then he didn't seem to give a darn about all the people he's injured with his mandates, including the kids who have suffered from mask mandates in schools.

Finally, is Biden calling out the Democrats who were at the game talking out of the side of their face about masks, while they were unmasked there? Because it sure sounds like it.

Looks like Mayor Eric Garcetti is still holding his breath, once again not wearing a mask. Gotta love when Democrats do each other in.

Even as Biden pitches wearing masks ad nauseum, he's constantly been caught not wearing them. But then they're Democrats — so hypocrisy is second nature.

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