Hillary Clinton: Happy Valentine’s Day, America!

Nana's rock-hard fruitcake is more likable than Hillary Clinton but like Nana's fruitcake, it and she just won't go away no matter how many times they end up in the trashcan.

Three days ago, Hillary pinned a tweet mocking President Trump for allegedly flushing paper down a toilet. The photo she used was completely “on-brand,” meaning it's as fake as her hair color. Clinton hasn't looked like that since Vince Foster was alive.

Within hours of her tweet, Durham's investigation released credible information linking Hillary cronies and her campaign to hacking a sitting US President – Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton is still leaving breadcrumbs that she might run for a third time, at the age of 77. In one sense, who can blame her? She's as crooked as any politician who ever lived, but Joe Biden is older, is the cognitive equal of a house plant, and the “Big Guy” (even with his addict son running the family grift) isn't quite the equal of Clinton as a stone-cold grifter.

Expect Grandma to return, and run one more time. It doesn't matter that her brand expired five years ago, she's convinced that America loves her and her toxic fruitcake.

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