Here’s Why the Media Is Ignoring a Political Assassination Attempt

A gunman on Monday attempted to assassinate a candidate running for mayor of Louisville, Kentucky, and the activist media does not seem all that interested in the case. A cursory look into the case tells us why they are ignoring this story.

Shortly after 10 am, a man entered the office of Craig Greenberg, a Democrat who is running to become the city's next mayor. Shortly after entering, the assailant opened fire with a Glock, shooting at Greenberg four times before fleeing.

During a press conference, Greenberg described the attack:

“The gunman stood in the doorway as he fired the shots and one of my teammates was standing to the side of the door and was able to get the door slammed and then he and other teammates that were closer to the door just threw tables and desks to barricade us in.”

Not too long after, police apprehended Quintez Brown, a 21-year-old black male. He is being charged with attempted murder and four counts of wanton endangerment. The alleged gunman also happens to be running for a seat on the city council. Apparently, he has some faulty ideas about how to win votes?

The fact that Brown is a black male is already enough for the activist media to pretend this story never happened. But a closer look into his background provides even more of a reason for the press to place their fingers in their years and yell “lalalalala!”

The suspect was a popular member of Black Lives Matter Louisville according to Fox News:

Brown was a prominent activist during the Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police unrest following the May 2020 death of George Floyd.

In July 2020, as a student at the University of Louisville, Brown was honored by the Obama Foundation's MBK Rising initiative and was one of only a handful of students in the country to attend the inaugural national gathering of the Obama Foundation's My Brother's Keeper Alliance.

The young man is also an outspoken proponent of gun control and has publicly criticized those who support the Second Amendment. He also advocated for defunding the police and other far-left initiatives. He pleaded not guilty at his arraignment on Tuesday.

Now, just imagine what would happen if a MAGA hat-wearing, QAnon-obsessed white man had waltzed into a politician's office with a Glock and attempted to ventilate them? We know exactly how the activist media would react. They would give the story wall-to-wall coverage and use it as proof that white supremacy is going to kill us all. Of course, the entire situation would be former President Donald Trump's fault, and everyone who follows him should be blamed for the tragedy.

The reality is that the Black Lives Matter global organization is already under heightened scrutiny because its leadership was getting funny with the money. The group has been consistently criticized by the mothers of black men shot and killed by police for exploiting their sons' deaths. All the organization needs now is for one of its members to go off the deep end and try to assassinate a mayoral candidate.

Since the mainstream activist media's role is to protect the progressive agenda at all costs, it would do them no good to give this story any serious attention. As of this writing, only The Washington Post and the Daily Beast have bothered to report on the matter. The rest are avoiding it like it was a John Durham investigation. But what else would one expect from these people?


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