Rebellion Ain’t What It Used to Be: College Students Protest Their Own Freedom to Unmask

If you wonder how much young people — and the world — have changed, here's a portrait of progress.

At the University of Nevada-Reno Monday, students marched in defiance over masks.

They demand they be forced to wear them.

Last Thursday — amid a downward trend in COVID cases — Gov. Steve Sisolak announced an immediate end to the state's mask mandate.

That same day, UNR President Brian Sandoval said the school would be ending its requirement under direction of the Nevada System of Higher Education.

But some students and staff are frowning behind their face frocks.

The reason: safety.

Per protesting graduate student Alex Milham, via This Is Reno footage:

“We are out here to make our voices heard… … I feel, honestly, incredibly unsafe. Um, you know, we wear masks to protect ourselves and also to protect others. Um, there's very good statistics that show that if you have an active COVID case and you are wearing a mask, you are protecting it spreading to other people.”

As for “very good statistics,” it would've been helpful if she'd shared them.

For a counterpoint, she may want to peruse's “Do Masks Actually Work? The Best Studies Suggest They Don't.”

Additionally, she could consider content from Dr. Anthony Fauci's February 5, 2020 email:

“The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material. … I do not recommend you wear a mask.”

Also available:

More from Alex:

“There are all these people now on campus who are not wearing masks who could possibly be, um, spreading COVID. And that is, you know, additionally confounded [sic] by the fact that we took away our vaccination requirement. “

She is, of course, correct — people on campus may be sick. That was true prior to the pandemic. And it will be so for the rest of human existence.

Alex lamented she has “no idea of knowing how many of [her] students, how many of [her] peers, how many people walking past [her] are unvaccinated and spreading COVID at a much higher rate, putting [her] — and, again — all of [her] community at risk.”

The same will be the case, whether masks are mandated or not.

As for transmission, RedState's Bonchie previously covered a yearlong UK study:

While the study did show a small difference in infection rates among the vaccinated (13%), they found that viral load was essentially the same between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, causing similar spread rates in households. In other words, if you have the vaccine, you may be slightly less likely to contract the disease yourself, but you spread it to others at or near the same rate as everyone else.

Regardless, Alex pled:

“President Sandoval, please listen to us. Um, there is a huge population at the university who feels unsafe. Um, please help us.”

It seems to me the protest, in effect, wasn't about mask mandates. Rather, it raged against the failure of the vaccine.

What else could be the message from vaccinated and boosted activists, begging to be forced to still mask up?

Clearly, those wishing to mask can still do so freely. Why would they need others to follow along?

Perhaps the answer lies within the weakening of America. These days, we're told words are violence and disagreement is hate. People aren't primed to do as their peers are not. A generation has been convinced they must be affirmed by all. Otherwise, they're unsafe. Conformity comes courtesy of a sword, because the populace is full of blushes.

As for our current hanging in the biological balance, before any vaccine had been distributed, coronavirus survival rates were posted by the CDC:

0-19 years: 99.99997
20-49 years: 99.9998
50-69 years: 99.995
70+ years: 99.946

If students are worried over COVID and willing to wear cloths, they're missing a much more robust deterrent to death: Each should strap on a helmet whenever they're in a car. It would have a much greater impact on their health.

Perhaps that trend can be started by the Nevada Faculty Alliance's Kent Ervin, who explained he's “flabbergasted” that the “Nevada system of higher education” isn't following the “public health directives, the experts, and the CDC guidelines” — instead of “political considerations.”

Kent will be “wearing [his] mask as long as there's community spread.”

That means, if I understand correctly, he'll be masking for the rest of his life.

He also asserted the issue “particularly impacts students of color and LGBTQ students.” Somehow, straight white people are escaping its jaws.

Kent wants the school to “follow the science.” That sounds like a sensible idea.

Dr. Fauci, as you know, has deemed himself the science.

And Kent can do it, whether anyone else joins in.

However, it'll require some adjustment on his part:


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