Report: DHHS-Funded Sex Camp for 13-Year-Olds Gets Canceled — for Now

If you've got a teen in need of Spring Break plans, you could consider sending them to sex camp.

Such was the case recently, if you lived in or around Austin.

And the area's library was helping out.

At multiple branches, Texas Scorecard relayed, the Austin Public Library was hawking the ware of sex ed.

“As parents across the nation fight to remove pornographic and racist materials from of their children's schools,” it said, “Austin city officials are busy luring teenagers to their ‘sex-ed camp' at taxpayer-funded libraries.”

Per the library's purported Instagram post:

Free classes will be held at multiple library branches (*pending COVID-19 risk stage of three or less) on this evidence-based and LGBTQIA+ friendly course led by @AustinPublicHealth! Space is LIMITED so learn more and sign up now.

According to the ad, the frisky free-for-all was for “Teens 13-18 Only.”

And barely-pubescent boys and girls could not only get worked up but wealthy: Thanks to a reported grant by the Department of Health and Human Services, participants could receive “$100 (plus lunch!).”

But don't misunderstand — according to KXAN, parental permission was imperative.

Austin Public Health (APH) assured the outlet:

“Parent/guardian consent is required for participants under the age 18 in this particular health workshop. In order to better refine outreach and effectively approach the teens and their guardians who are in need of and want this education, the workshops which had been scheduled for March in partnership with Austin Public Library have been postponed to this summer.”

Before you rush to arrange your child's erotic retreat, however, you should know bad luck has befallen you: For now, the event's been canceled.

For reasons unknown, all evidence has been removed from the library's website. Social media posts have been taken down.

Might the erasure have been influenced by online objection?

Texas Scorecard reprinted a couple comments:

“This upsets me as a parent and taxpayer. It is NOT APL or any other agenda-driven [organization's job] to educate my children on sex!”
“Just in: new paid grooming camp for teens!”

More remarks, via The Daily Wire:

“Paid for by the Ghislaine Maxwell fund.”
“Man, report this s–. Get these people as far away from our kids as possible.”

Will it rally? The possibility remains.

After all, it's out of concern for the community: APH told NBC Austin its nine-year-old Healthy Adolescent Progam — the camp's host — works “to address high rates of unplanned teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections in our community.”

Should 13-year-olds be learning affirmingly about sex? Chances are, that question comes too late.

America's starting them young these days:

Oregon Elementary School Hosts ‘Queer and Sexuality Alliance' Club for Nine-Year-Olds

Nebraska Eyes Teaching Kindergarteners Gender Identity While Eleven-Year-Olds Study Pansexuality and Demigenderism

They'll need to pack in a lot of programming in preparation for college:

Harvard's ‘Sex Week' Features ‘Orgies 101,' Proves COVID Recovery Is in the Can

The Ol' College Try: Prestigious University Asks Students to Spin the ‘Wheel of Fornication'

Culture's changing at a breakneck pace. Not long ago, childhood was thought to be a time of innocence. And protecting innocence was the job of every adult.

The adults appear to have crossed over.

In times past, teens wanted into the carnal club while their elders served as dream-killing doormen. Now, it seems, the door's not only wide open, but grownups are ushering youngsters in.

What will be the result? Whatever it is, it's bound to be big as Texas.


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