BREAKING. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken Says He Expects Russia to Invade Ukraine Tonight

A few minutes ago, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made a rather astonishing announcement in an interview with NBC's Lester Holt. Blinken said that he expected Russia to invade Ukraine as early as tonight.

I think that the landscape has changed enough over the past three days that we need to take this warning seriously.

On Monday, Vladimir Putin took Joe Biden's lunch money and gave him a swirly. He declared the two rebel regions of Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk, to be independent. The Russian Parliament ratified his statement (Vladimir Putin Runs the Table in Ukraine and Shows Joe Biden to Be a Feckless and Unreliable Security Partner), and he ordered Russian peacekeepers into those regions; see Vladimir Putin Orders Russian Peacekeeping Troops Into Eastern Ukraine. Yesterday, Biden announced a shameful package on non-sanctions. One of the banks he “sanctioned” has been under US sanctions since 2014. Russia has been unable to sell sovereign debt on the primary market since 2021. Some of the Russians he ordered sanctioned are already under sanctions. In short, when given the opportunity to do nothing, that is exactly what Biden did. See Potemkin Sanctions by a Potemkin President; One of the Banks Sanctioned by Biden Was Sanctioned in 2014.

Today, the Biden junta has placed the Russian energy sector off-limits to sanctions.

Biden did nothing when Putin acted on Monday, and he's announcing he will do nothing if Putin invades.

To top it off, the newly independent republics have asked for Russian military assistance, and Ukraine has declared a state of emergency.

Some media are reporting explosions inside of Ukraine.

Ukrainian air space is closed.

The House GOP got this exactly right; House GOP Criticism of Biden Causes an Immense Triggering — for All the Wrong Reasons.

And weakness and ineptitude invite aggression.

UPDATE [2/23/22, 10:06 pm EST]: A national security writer for the Washington Post reports:

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