Crazy Meter Breaks With Liberal Hot Takes on Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

There have been a lot of bad liberal takes on the Russian invasion into Ukraine.

My colleague Joe Cunningham wrote earlier on the delusional take that they were blaming President Donald Trump for the invasion. I can't count the number of liberals who fail to understand that it was Joe Biden's weakness, and focus on other things that have led to this invasion from Russia.

Libs of Tik Tok had some of them, even saying that Putin did the Democrats a “favor” because that might help in the election.

We had this lovely take from an ‘actress' whose prime job is as a Democratic Twitter bot.

Um, Angela? Biden has booted the unvaccinated out of the military. Just another way that he has weakened our military. But getting that would require grasping two things at the same time in your head, a skill Angela can't quite achieve.

Then there is the infamous Markos Moulitsas, co-founder of Vox, commenting on Ukrainians seeking cover in the subway against attack by the Russians. What was on his mind? That they were adhering to the proper liberal narrative on masks.

He's using the misfortune of these poor people being under attack, in danger of their lives, to attack Republicans, because to him, that's the important thing here. People are just pawns for the narrative for guys like this.

But along with always pushing the political narrative, no matter what, you also have so much terrible ignorance from our friends on the left. I mean, let's face it, that's why they're on the left – because they don't have a firm take on either principle or the facts.

Take the ‘intel guy' MSNBC commentator Malcolm Nance, an alleged ‘expert.' Here was his hot take about Russia taking over Chernobyl and the old nuclear power plant on Thursday. This is a “senior analyst” and in U.S. intelligence allegedly for 36 years. What a frightening thought that is.

He didn't seem to know that nothing at Chernobyl is powering anything. Nothing has been in operation for years. But, expert. It's one of the reasons that MSNBC is so lacking in anything resembling real information.

This says so much about the delusional nature of some in our intelligence community, if they had guys like this.

How does anyone pay this guy for comment on anything?

But, I have to admit that there was a truly weird take, one that made me do a double-take and say, what the heck? That was the one from 90210 actress AnnaLynne McCord. She seemed to think the moment called for poetry and the thought of how Putin could be changed – by a mother's love.

If we thought liberals were bad, Hollywood liberals keep reminding us that they are the worst of all with their narcissism. This is such a festival of crazy, it's already racked up close to 13 million views. I'm sure, though, it's going to completely get through to former KGB guy Vladimir Putin. Because this is what Hollywood thinks. This may be one of the worst tweets ever. Yikes.

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