Devil’s Advocate: Indiana Elementary School Teacher Owned Satanic Temple

How were your elementary school teachers? If any were Satanists, you were ahead of your time.

Last month, REAL News Michigan reported that a Fort Wayne, Indiana public school instructor owned a local Satanic temple.

Per the outlet:

According to Indiana Secretary of State records, Jessica Klikas is the owner of The Satanic Temple Indiana, also known as Porta Infernum (Latin for Gate of Hell) LLC. Klikas is currently a fourth grade teacher at Haverhill Elementary School, according to a staff directory for the Southwest Allen County Schools' district website.

More from The Daily Wire:

She started [the temple] in 2019, the month before she began working as a…teacher, according to the records. The LLC was dissolved in March, 2020, the records show, right around the time COVID-19 lockdowns began across the country.

On January 10th, RNM indicated Jessica had given The Satanic Children's Big Book of Activities a five-star rating on

Via Twitter, the teacher was seen signaling her subscription to the “archive of…writings, art, and future works” of Satanic Temple founder and spokesperson Lucien Greaves.

In light of the attention, the school stood up for its employee's religious freedom.

From the Southwest Allen County Schools Director of Human Resources:

We do not ask our teachers, or any employees, about their religious beliefs. Per our School Board Policy, ‘The Board of Education of SACS believes that all persons ought to be free to follow their own religious beliefs, without government interference, according to the dictates of their own consciences and in accordance with law.' As a public school corporation, our teachers are expected to teach the approved curriculum and they are not to impose their personal beliefs onto their students.

The district is, of course, correct. Religious freedom should go both ways.

Generally speaking, does it?

Regardless, Indiana's anecdotal story seems an apt example of our cultural evolution.

Beelzebub no longer gets such a bad rap.

In December, in fact, for the third year, the Illinois State Capitol Rotunda included a Satanic Temple art installment alongside other religious displays.

The piece of choice: an image of satanic figure Baphomet as a baby in observance of Sol Invictus.

Two months prior, Satanists in Pennsylvania convinced the Rose Tree Media School District to change its dress code — previously, it had banned garb that was “satanic in nature.”

A similar campaign was launched toward the state's Garnet Valley School District.

And for kiddos wanting to delve into devilish things at Jane Addams Elementary School in Moline, Illinois, a January flyer advertised the After School Satan Club for first through fifth graders.

Satanism — like education — is on the move.

Back to Indiana's notion of teachers not imposing “their personal beliefs onto their students,” I think we're way beyond such a cinching.

As striking as schools' satanic goings-on may be, more profound, perhaps, is social engineering compliments of teachers-turned-cultural-activists.

Consider one instructor's attitude toward the American flag, as featured by The Daily Wire's Matt Walsh:

Some educators believe it's their job to raise the country's kids:

There once was the notion that teachers are beholden to parents. These days, that's old-school…so “get bent”:

The culture has changed. Teachers were once thought to be tightly-wound sticklers for academic excellence. They weren't giving guidance on politics, religion, or sex in the classroom. Meanwhile, America was a Christian nation.

These days, it's loose and Lucifer.

The old America is coming apart at the seams.

But make no mistake — migration from tradition is in no way limited to education:


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