Oops: Belarus Leader May Have Accidentally Revealed the Next Country on Putin’s Invasion List

We wrote earlier about reports that Belarus was about to send troops into Ukraine to help Russia. The Ukrainian parliament is claiming that their troops have crossed into Ukraine.

But the U.S. is saying they're not seeing that yet, a defense official said.

The propaganda from Belarus includes the delusional claim that Ukraine was going to attack them, that's why they are joining Russia.

But now there's a lot of concern about a meeting that Lukashenko held with his security council on Tuesday showing what appeared to be the battle map for Ukraine.

It showed some troop movement plans infrastructure targets, some of which have already occurred, including the movement from the north toward Kyiv. But what drew the attention of a lot of people was that on the map, it showed an invasion of the neighboring country of Moldova as part of the battle plan from the port of Odesa, with targets in Moldova's breakaway state of Transnistria.

Moldova is on the southern border of Ukraine and is also a former Soviet state. By Putin's standards, based upon what he said in the declaring of Donetsk and Luhansk independent states, Putin thinks he has a right to absorb prior Soviet states.

Putin has already used Belarus to launch attacks from, and the State Department has closed the U.S. Embassy there in protest. The EU also intends to impose sanctions on Belarus.

There were already concerns that Putin might be thinking beyond Ukraine and this will now add to that. Now, it may be some kind of psyop to freak people out because frightening people seems to have been part of the thinking about Ukraine from the start. But it also would be consistent with the desire to have more control in the area and of a former Soviet Republic. Again, one has to think if this is real, it's not going to make Vladimir Putin happy that his client state of Belarus let this out. But it may also be rather difficult to achieve this as well. From all accounts, the Russians are already overstretched in other places without fuel and food. Their advance outside of Kyiv has stalled although they did hit a Holocaust memorial area of Babyn Yar, which was roundly condemned.

President Zelensky condemned the attack and said 5 people were killed.

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