Putin Is Doing All He Can to Shut Down the News, but CNN Just Did Him a Favor

Vladimir Putin has been trying to shut off people in Russia from getting the truth about what is going on with his war in Ukraine.

Putin reportedly was blocking access to Facebook and Twitter. Although Twitter didn't confirm that they were being blocked, Facebook did. Russia was also blocking about 110 other Russian-language news and financial information sites since the invasion, according to CBS News. They're blocking the financial sites so Russian citizens can't see how much the ruble has been plummeting. That means, although they may feel the new effect of MasterCard and Visa being cut off in Russia, Russians might be cut off from the reason why.

One of the independent media channels they were going after was TV Rain which Russia's telecommunications regulator claimed was “inciting extremism, abusing Russian citizens, causing mass disruption of public calm and safety, and encouraging protests.” The CEO said he wasn't sure they would be able to continue, and the staff walked away from their desks in protest of the government's actions live on air at the end of their broadcast on Thursday, with their last words being “no war.” They also then flipped to “Swan Lake,” which has significance because it was what was played on USSR tv channels when it suddenly collapsed.

That may yet be prescient, as Putin seems to be pushing everything toward a collapse.

Putin also signed a law banning the spreading of “fake news,” a crime now punishable by 15 years in prison.

So, guess who decided they're going to stop broadcasting in Russia in the wake of the new law? CNN.

Some humorous types, including our own Sister Toldjah, nailed the problem with this CNN move.

Some noted the coincidental timing of CNN pulling out after the announcement about fake news.

Unfortunately, we're still saddled with CNN, so it seems like we're the ones being punished in that regard. Isn't this giving Russia aid and comfort?

What was funny, on top of Brian Stelter's announcement, was that he restricted replies to only his followers. S,o he knew that people were going to point out CNN's failings and he didn't want to hear it — which says a lot about CNN's denial of reality in general.

But, this is the one time that real news and international media shouldn't be pulling out of Russia but doing all they can to get the truth out. We need to see that people are not just going along with this in Russia – that despite all the dangers, you have courageous people out, marching against it.

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