Donald Trump Cracks a Joke About Bombing Russia and Hurts Feelings on All Sides of Political Spectrum

If there is one thing you can say about Donald Trump, it's that he is predictably unpredictable. The man has a flair for getting underneath people's skin and watching them light themselves on fire over his words.

Saturday night in New Orleans, he did it again.

During a GOP gathering of some big donors, he launched into his critique of the job that Biden is doing, the 2020 election, and how he dealt with Russia, China, North Korea, and NATO during an almost 90-minute speech.

From The Washington Post

Former President Donald Trump mused Saturday to the GOP's top donors that the United States should label its F-22 planes with the Chinese flag and “bomb the s-t out of Russia.”

He also praised North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as “seriously tough,” claimed he was harder on Vladimir Putin than any other president, reiterated his false claims that he won the 2020 election, urged his party to be “tougher” on supposed election fraud, disparaged a range of prominent party opponents and called global warming “a great hoax” that could actually bring a welcome development: more waterfront property.

“And then we say, China did it, we didn't do it, China did it, and then they start fighting with each other and we sit back and watch,” he said of labeling U.S. military planes with Chinese flags and bombing Russia, which was met with laughter from the crowd of donors, according to a recording of the speech obtained by The Washington Post.

Right on cue, the left decided to bemoan the fact that Trump had been President, yet seemed to forget that Russia and China were kept in check during his four years in the White House. Maybe they thought he was crazy, too, and that kept the dictators at bay which-all in all-is not a bad thing.

Yet, as easy as it is to predict what the lefties in this country are going to do and say when a joke is cracked, and hurts feelings of the crowd that has trouble staying sane by using words that have actual meaning and sticking with that — I covered this in an earlier piece here at Red State. Let's Make Words Mean Things Again — I have been surprised and troubled by some of Trump's self-proclaimed ‘biggest' supporters all of a sudden thinking Vladimir Putin is doing the Lord's work in this world, and wonder how they will react to this joke.

I suggest maybe getting some fresh air and stopping sniffing glue as a start.

There is a vocal contingent of people who claim to both love America and support Trump that has somehow conflated support for both of those things — and extended admiration to Putin for invading Ukraine for a number of confusing reasons. I shall list some of them below.

* Ukraine historically belongs to Russia. I'm part Native American, so if we are playing that game, GET OFF MY LAND but leave your stuff.

* Putin is one of the last leaders to NOT allow his country to be involved in the international banking system or the World Bank or the central bank of blah blah blah. Nifty thought, but how do you think Vladimir gets paid for all the liquid gold? Checks? Money orders? Bitcoin? Russia is part of the international banking system, and that is why the sanctions just levied should hurt the country.

* He is invading to eliminate a secret C.I.A. biochemical lab operating somewhere near the old Chernobyl nuclear site. I'm gonna take a guess here, and say that just might be the after-effect of one of the largest nuclear power station meltdowns in history; the glowing things you see in nature around there are not funded by any spy group.

Probably my favorite tale is that Putin is cleaning up Nazis in Ukraine, but of course, he uses a lot of the same tactics that Hitler and his bunch of evil dopes used.

*Invading countries that were sovereign under false pretext.

*Targeting the population, in an age where they could pinpoint bombs.

*Killing and jailing political opponents for having the sheer audacity to question authority.

So, it is pretty clear that Donald Trump put a bit of doubt, and maybe even some fear, into leaders of the other countries while he was POTUS. He offered praise for some, but it sure seems that he had Russia and China on the defensive about what he would do.

I know he was joking about having our planes dressed up as China fighters and bomb Russia. Yet, I have no doubt he would not have minded Russia and China destroying each other while the United States watched, which would of course be putting America first.

Would these oxygen thieves parading as true Americans still love Trump in the morning, if he sat inside Mar-A-Lago and enjoyed watching Russia fail in this war with Ukraine? We know he sent weapons to Ukraine during his time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, so he has picked a side technically.

The left hates Trump because he wants America to succeed. So, these other people who say they are supporting Trump and his goal of Making America Great Again, what is their deal with the Putin excuses?

Maybe the former President should have a chat with these folks to set them straight.

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