Are Democrats Finally Realizing That Critical Race Theory Isn’t Working in Their Favor?

Could it actually be happening? Is it really possible that Democrats are finally figuring out that doubling down on teaching lessons inspired by Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the classroom is a losing strategy? Apparently, Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Robert Francis O'Rourke, an Irishman who goes by “Beto” to appeal to Latinos, has read the proverbial writing on the wall.

According to the Washington Examiner,

“I think you and I are probably both on the same page as well. We don't see CRT being taught in our schools right now,” O'Rourke told a local who asked about the theory at a town hall Friday night in Victoria, Texas. “It is a course that is taught in law school.”

After being asked directly by the local whether CRT should be presented in schools, the Irishman said, “No, I don't think it should be taught in our schools.”

It appears that O'Rourke, who is definitely not Latino, had a broken clock moment on Friday. But, there might be more to this than meets the eye.

The Irishman, who is so white he makes Bill Gates look like 50 Cent, is speaking truthfully when he says the actual Critical Race Theory isn't being taught in classrooms. He is also correct in saying the actual theory should not be presented to K-12 students.

However, anyone who has paid even a modicum of attention to the issue knows that the issue isn't the actual theory in classrooms; it is teachings inspired by the theory that are the problem. As many have pointed out, many of the lessons, which teach that white students should be labeled “oppressor” and non-whites labeled “oppressed,” come from the material written and advocated by those who created and pioneered the movement inspired by the theory.

So, even if the fake Latino is telling the truth, we cannot assume that he does not wish to inject wokeism into K-12 education. Indeed, as more Democrats realize embracing CRT is equivalent to throwing their political ambitions into the Grand Canyon, we can expect more rhetorical subterfuge like what O'Rourke appears to be engaging in.

Even if the CRT issue appears to be waning after laws passed by GOP state legislatures, those seeking to safeguard their children's education will need to remain vigilant. The theory is only one of several ways the left can slip progressive ideas into schools. In fact, some have suggested that an educational trend known as “Social-Emotional Learning” might replace CRT or be presented alongside it.

This practice could be particularly more insidious in that it espouses many of the same tenets of CRT and promotes progressive ideas on “antiracism” which have been popularized by people like author Dr. Ibram X. Kendi. But it is disguised as a method to help children prosper emotionally, socially, academically, and otherwise. It could be used as a vehicle through which schools can present wokeist ideas.

Let's face it: The hard left is intent on indoctrinating children into their ideas. They want a generation of activists they can use to gain more power in society and the government. There are several ways they are going about this. But what they are doing in public schools by presenting their ideas on race, sexuality, gender, and other topics is part of a long-term strategy that can only be defeated by parents and others who are concerned about this. If they fail to stand up to the left in this matter, it will have dire ramifications for the country in the future.

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