Patriotism; Is this the direction America needs to be headed in?

We Americans looked admiringly upon Canadian truckers, who would refuse to accept the risk of being jailed and freezing their bank accounts in protest of government restrictions on their medical freedom. We see the Ukrainians fighting for their country's survival, and their leader asking for ammo instead of a ride to safety. The men were told that they had to stay but also realized that they must, or they will lose their country.

For decades, America has been a beacon of freedom for everyone around the globe. What would the Americans do in a similar situation? If we invaded Ukraine, would they be willing to fight for their country?

According to a Quinnipiac poll, there is a shockingly large percentage of people who would not vote. It's probably not difficult to guess their political leanings. Hint: Not Republican and not Independent. Also, is concerned with.

These results are often shocking and disgraceful. 68% of Republicans indicated that they would “stay, fight” and 25% said they would run. These numbers are 57-36 for independents. They are in negative territory among Democrats at 40-52. The stay/leave ratios for 50-to-64-year-old women and men are 66/28. They are 45/48 among 18-to 34-year olds. Or, put another way, the majority of prime-aged Americans the United States would require if a crisis were to occur imagine that they would run if such a crisis ever occurred.

Not only would the majority of Democrats (52%) run, but most people who are 18 to 34 years old and of fighting age would also leave. This is not a fight in foreign countries, but if America is under attack.

It is disgraceful, and it is also very concerning. The majority of respondents (55-38%) said they would fight and stay, which was saved by the Republicans, independents, and others. This is not the same as the attack on Pearl Harbor. People lied about their age to be able to serve the country. Everyone wanted to volunteer. Nobody would have thought about saying no. It is a very sorry and different time we live in unfortunately. 

Is there a reason for this? Since I am not inside the minds of the people, I can only speculate. Many people on the left are so indoctrinated about the United States that they believe America to be evil. This is the result of years spent indoctrinating students in schools and universities to keep them away from America. This used to be confined to universities. It has expanded to the larger society in recent years. We see it as an integral part of the “woken” doctrine that the left espouses, which goes far beyond universities.

How did the three major networks respond to this poll? Newsbusters points out that most spiked the poll and didn't cover it because it was so negative for Democrats.

ABC's World News Tonight reported on liberal ilk stating they would give up America. Instead of reporting on them, the Monday newscast focused on a snowy forecast for the northeast. However, Rebecca Jarvis, their correspondent, reported on a different finding in the same Quinnipiac poll that showed 71% of Americans favor banning Russian oil. This is despite higher prices at the pump.

They were too busy spreading misinformation regarding Florida's parental rights legislation on Tuesday's CBS Evening News and promoting a Minneapolis teacher's strike.

NBC Nightly News was apathetic about the recommendation of the Florida surgeon general to not vaccinate children on Monday. They continued their campaign against the Texas school district that they have been following since 2018, with accusations of racism, bigotry and other inhumanities on Tuesday.

This also shows that there is a deeper crisis in faith in the Democratic Party. JFK was the party that founded the Democratic Party. It believed in America and held all the basic ideas about America that Republicans believe in. The Democratic Party was once the party of JFK. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), is now attacking the foundation on which we were established unless it serves her purpose.

As a society, we need to quickly recalibrate in order to address this. We needed it yesterday. Many are now awake and resisting the “woken” effort. We are already decades behind the times, however, because the indoctrination process has been ongoing for a while.

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