Mitt Romney Freaks out, slams Tulsi Gabbard as Treasonous

This Sunday night, a bit of news: Mitt Romney does Mitt Romney again.

Utah's “severely conservative” senator decided to use social media to trash Tulsi Gabbard. He didn't simply disagree with her views. He actually accused her of treason.

The timing of Romney's outburst is in direct relation to one Gabbard comment. She's only posted one thing over the past two days. Here is what she had to share.

It's hard to believe that the mention of bio-labs in Ukraine triggers establishment figures. They do exist. They are indeed there. The United States has helped to fund them and even offered direct support as part of an agreement in 2005 to contain and manage hazardous substances at the laboratories. Gabbard does not make any further claims regarding bio-weapons or the like. Gabbard only mentions the danger of deadly pathogens being unleashed, which is actually true for the current risks.

Why is Romney so freaked out? It is really that hard to say, “Yeah the labs exist, but there's no nefarious activity.” Instead, figures such as the Utah senator and other “fact-checkers”, rush to shout “Russia propaganda” while also claiming that it is misinformation to even acknowledge their existence. The Pentagon is even dumber and warns that Russia could seize one of the labs and launch an attack with its contents.

Square that circle.

However, the main issue isn't whether or not you are right on the merits. It's Romney's absurd use of the term “treason”. While I understand that the man is a neocon and a hypocrite, treason can be defined in any way you wish. The United States isn't at war with Russia. Gabbard's misguided actions or not are not a sign that the United States is at war with Russia. Joe Biden is currently working with Russia to find an Iran deal. Is Biden also guilty of treason?

Tulsi Gabbard's tweeting on Twitter is the most dangerous of all the dangers that Russia has to face right now. Romney has chosen to attack everyone except those responsible for the current crisis, but in true Romney fashion. Romney is careful about what he says when it comes to Biden. He doesn't usually name the president. Gabbard, or a Republican, is where Romney comes out guns blazing when it comes to Biden. This is not an accident.

It is possible to disagree with someone without being absurd about it. Romney's comments seem hysterical, and dumb. Some people think that this guy is the best Republican candidate in 2024. The fact that he said something negative regarding Russia in 2012 is even more dumb. Romney is an establishment neocon who flip-flops, and will not be accepted by the broader Republican Party.

TITLE: Forget Education, Focus on ‘Wokeism’ – A Report

Montgomery County, Maryland, has experienced a sharp drop in student performance, just like many other school districts. The district will be home to fewer racist students, however, because the leadership spent a significant sum on making sure that schools were teaching enough antiracism.

Washington Free Beacon published an article revealing that the district spent almost $1 million on a survey to ensure teachers are teaching antiracism to six-year-olds. The following is a summary of the report:

A copy of the survey was obtained by Washington Free Beacon. It allows parents to rate Montgomery County Public Schools' (MCPS), anti-racism curriculum. Parents are asked to rate their children's attitudes towards racism and whether they feel their schools have a diverse range of ethnicities and races.

According to the report, almost $1 million has been allocated by the district to taxpayer funds for a company called the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium. This popular “antiracist” consulting group is named MAEC. Dear reader, I believe that you and I are in a bad business. There's a lot to be done in this antiracism grift.

Parents whose children attend schools in the district don't like this, and argue that the county prioritizes wokeism over education.

Dee Reuben, a former Montgomery County school administrator, told the Free Beacon that they are spending too much money on this and test scores are falling. “Parents are furious. This is something I hear every day. Parents are afraid to speak up for fear of what will happen to their children. Academics is falling apart, which I find sad considering that we used to be one of the best school systems in the country.

In 2021, the county's literacy readiness fell dramatically. It dropped between 30-40 percent, and only 54 percent of MCPS high schools students tested at or above the required proficiency level. MCPS is one of the school districts that claims to not have Critical Race Theory (CRT). The article mentions that Byron Johns (chairman of the NAACP Maryland chapter’s Education Committee) hosted an online webinar entitled “Eliminating Institutional bias: How new MCPS data and Critical Race Theory could help.”

The MCPS superintendent was supposed to be present at the webinar, but he decided to withdraw at the last moment. Gee! I wonder why?

RedState's Mike Miller reported that the survey asked parents several questions including “should my child be taught to recognize and understand racism” and other related topics. It's called Critical Race Theory. You can also call it progressive antiracist ideology. I don't care what you call it, this is another attempt to indoctrinate students to embrace the hard left views about race and racism.

There's an additional part to this story worth discussing. It has to do with the fact MCPS and other districts have demonstrated that they will prioritize wokeism rather than education. It is absurd that their leadership has allocated nearly $1 million to help students become less racist and more antiracist. One does not need Dr. IbramX. Kendi in order to teach children how to not be bigoted.

Progressives' emphasis on antiracism rather than teaching people that racism is wrong is more about accepting the tenets and principles of wokeism, rather than making society better. Kendi and his cohorts are trying to make it seem that anyone who isn't sufficiently anti racist is actually racist. We all know who decides “sufficiently antiracist,” but we don't. This entire trope is nothing but a naked attempt at coercion, shame and coercion people into following Kendi's lead when it comes to being antiracist.

This ideology is what the hard left wants to inculcate young children into the wokeism faith. It is much easier to mold their minds at this age. MCPS administrators seem not to be bothered by the low performance. It doesn't seem to matter how educated their students are, so long as they are sufficiently antiracist.

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