Tulsi Gabbard hits back hard at Mitt Romney after being called a ‘Treasonous Liar’

After the Utah senator had accused her of treason, I expected Tulsi Gabriel to lash out at Mitt Romney. But I'm not certain I was expecting her to do so. RedState reported Sunday that Romney attacked Gabbard via social media, accusing him of repeating “Russian propaganda”, and committing “treasonous activity”, a crime which can lead to death.

There were two problems with this. First, Gabbard never stated any Russian propaganda in the comments which set Romney off. She did not mention conspiracy to use “bio-weapons”, for example, anywhere. She expressed concern over the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine that are being destroyed or captured, and could facilitate the release of pathogens. This is why it's important. Gabbard's statement is literally the exact warning that the Pentagon has given about.

Romney's use of the term “treasonous”, was also absurd. Even if Gabbard was repeating Russian propaganda, which she didn't, it wasn't treason to allow free speech in the United States. It is important to note that we are not at war against Russia.

Romney jumped to silly conclusions about Gabbard's words, and then he went too far in his rush for neoconservative creds. Gabbard responded with a rhetorical gutting.

Gabbard begins dropping receipts there and meticulously sources her statements. Here's a part of it (she provides several more examples).

Finally Gabbard finally drops the mic on Romney and actually asks him to resign, probably in a wink at Utah senator's use of ridiculously overcharged language about treason.

Romney won't apologize for his actions, but he isn't going down the road to do so. He doesn't have enough political integrity to admit that he was wrong about some statements and jumped to conclusions. This is the man who hired Steve Schmidt, a leftwinger certifiably insane, to run his 2012 campaign. Romney is also a well-known political chameleon. This is why the recent attempts to portray him as principled over the past several years have been so mind-numbing.

Gabbard is seen as a sort of Trump-aligned quasi-ally, even though she is still a liberal figure. This means Romney sees Gabbard as a target that deserves complete ridicule. This is in sharp contrast to how the Utah senator treats mainline Democrats such as Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.

Are you a Tulsi Gabbard snob? No. Sure, it's fun to own the libs. But I know who she is. She's a far-left politician. For example, it is absurd to suggest that she should run for Trump's running mate if Trump is the nominee. However, she shouldn't be accused of treason by a frantic and flip-flopping figure such as Mitt Romney, who can't set his hunger for war aside long enough so that he respects the right to freedom of speech.

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