Democrat Campaign Chair: Tells his Party ‘The problem is us’, then goes completely off the rails

Since the 2020 primaries, every American has been able to recognize it. Despite the fact that the Democrat Party has almost told voters that they are far too stupid to grasp the brilliance and potential of its initiatives, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee Chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D–NY) disagrees.

As reported from The Washington Post, Maloney who represents portions of the Hudson Valley north New York City voted for Donald Trump and Joe Biden in 2016, said it bluntly at the Democrat Party's Annual Retreat in Philadelphia: “The problem is not the voters. The problem is us.”

Maloney went all the way to the top, very hard.

They believe that we are too divided and too focused on cultural issues. They believe that we are too preachy. They believe that we behave like we are superior to parents in regards to their children's education. Maloney's thumbnail analysis proved correct. But Democrats don't act as if they know more than their parents or the rest of us. Remembering how well Hilary’s “basket full of deplorables” comment worked out where she referred to the Trump supporters as such. Or Obama’s comment about small town Trump supporters clinging to guns and religion. For further ample evidence, one need only look at the pompous condescension displayed by everyone, from Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden to the flying monkeys in his cabinet to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki. The Hypocrisy knows no limits when it comes to the Democrats. From blaming election victory on Russian aid to all pandemic troubles being blamed on Trump. 

But alas. Maloney is still a Democrat. His honest analysis of the party's plight was spot-on, but his truth train derailed in Denial Land. The New York Democrat suggested that if the Democrat Party wants to correct its sinking ship, it must “embrace Biden’s style.” It is not true. You might be asking, “Why in the hell?” It's as transcribed by WaPo. He is the person we all need to be. The president will do anything for a child with a speech disorder. Joe Biden will wrap his arms around any cop or firefighter who has had a difficult time.

That's perfect. The more Congressional Democrats Maloney can convince, the more Republicans have the chance to hang Biden around as they sink to their bottom, not just in the 2022 midterms, but also in 2024 overall. Maloney was not the only Democrat to address the obvious. Rep. Jamaal (D-N.Y.), one the leftist newcomers, agreed with Maloney's “preaching”, although he believes the party is more popular than Maloney suggests.

Bowman stated that while he believes we can be soapboxy from time-to-time, he also said that he thinks we should listen more and engage with people who might not agree with us initially. Initially? This is again beautiful. The Democrat Party ignores poll after poll showing that the majority of voters don't agree with their radical-left agenda. Then there's the issue of Afghanistan and Ukraine at their southern border.

Ah! I almost forgot to mention my favorite Maloney line. He continued to make illogical pretzels. “They enjoy what we do, but aren't sure about us.”

#ProTip to Representative Maloney: Voters do not respond to credible polls that measure how they like or dislike the politicians. They also don't vote as if it were a popular election. Okay, one exception to that rule comes to my mind. But I won't go into detail.

Please, Mr. Maloney. I would like to be convinced that voters who have been dissatisfied for more than a decade with the Biden Border Crisis and the Biden Energy Crisis and the Biden Afghanistan Debacle, Bidenomics and Bidenflation and now Ukraine will vote in November.

I'll wait.

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