Ted Cruz Refuses to Make a Circus Out of the Jackson Trial

The Republican Party is invited to grill over the fire the selection that Joe Biden would like to see as Supreme Court justice. Biden's choice was not based on knowledge of law and Constitution, but on the individual's skin color. Biden made his decision. Because his constituents believed that a woman of color should be on the bench, Democrats pressured him to make a statement about race. They argued that no one would challenge her because they were racists.

Donald Trump's nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be the Supreme Court justice was met with hostility by the Democrats. The confirmation hearings became a political circus because of the liberals' hatred of Kavanaugh and their conservative beliefs. Every Democrat had negative things to say about the man despite his impeccable record.

Ted Cruz is one Republican who has had enough of the circus the Democrats want him to live in. They make big deals out of everything and take on every situation. Simple things can become complicated battles that could have been resolved in a shorter time. Liberals will quickly get their nails in the skin of anyone they find to be hurt.

Ted Cruz made it clear that he could not promise to repeat the political circus with Justice Kavanaugh. You won't see Republicans get into the gutter, you won't see them smear others and you won't see the evil. We have the responsibility to vet her records thoroughly.

With one statement, the Senator said that people should look at what is actually there and not just what they want to see. The Constitution is more important than skin color. It is based on the records of the individual in upholding it.

Because he attended school with Biden, Cruz is well-versed in Biden's selection for the court. He decided to invite her to coffee so they could catch up before the hearings. She refused to meet him.

Cruz is the kind of man who knows that one wrong vote can lead to a nation's demise. It would be suicide to confirm any of Biden's Supreme Court choices, as the woman isn't qualified to serve on the court. Because she lacks the experience and knowledge that others have, she would be the most inept justice the country has ever seen.

Cruz made it clear that “one vote can decide whether our rights will be protected or taken away.” We have a responsibility for shining a light on Cruz's record and her approach to help her understand the kind of justice she would bring.

A justice of the Supreme Court shouldn't cast their  vote based upon political affiliations. Joe Biden wants exactly that. Biden wants his girl to be on the bench, so that she can vote for every Democratic case and contest. Biden doesn't care about her qualifications. Biden sees in her dark skin a chance to be remembered as the president who appointed a woman of color on the Supreme Court.

Biden promised that he would have a female-colored judge as his judge back during the campaign. Biden did not provide any details about his qualifications or track record in making his wishful statement. When it was time for him to make his selection, the nominees were devoid of the kind of person he was looking for. He decided to make his decision based on her skin color rather than her qualifications.

Cruz and the Republicans won't make it a circus, as Democrats love to do. They grill Biden's daughter over the fire until it is clear that they will vote against her appointment as Supreme Court Justice.

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