Texas School District Teachers Now Allow to Carry Guns To School

Democrats are now running scared after a Texas school district allows teachers to bring guns into the classrooms. This allowance was made to deter anyone trying to harm 1,200 students in Grand Saline Independent Schools District. Administrators and parents are tired of feeling unsafe whenever they drop their children off or go to work.

Democrats believe guns are responsible for the shootings in the United States. Gun control is their solution to ending school shootings, street shootings and other violence. These crimes happen because peaceful people don't have the ability to defend themselves against evil.

This small district of schools in Dallas has now armed teachers to protect the students. Micah Lewis, the superintendent of the district, stated that every school shooting was discussed again by the board. The Daily Wire noted that Lewis said to the New York Post, “We're educators. It's hard to believe that we are required to do this, but you have to weigh it all. If he is mowing down people, should you put him down? This is a simple answer. It's easy to save one.

Gun control has not produced any evidence that it is the solution. Criminals can find a gun whenever they want to shoot people. They can either buy the gun on the streets or find it in the shadows. No matter what, taking guns away from responsible citizens is not the answer. It's a way for criminals to make easy targets.

School leaders won't reveal how many teachers have weapons. They won't even reveal the type of guns being carried. They just need to know that the guns are there and will be used in case a shooter shows up to kill people.

Parents want their children to learn in a safe environment. Parents don't want their children to be in situations where a shooter can come and kill people without fear. Anyone can be afraid of the bullets if they have guns. Criminals will choose to target a victim with no resistance because they want their violent acts to succeed.

The new rule prohibits reckless gun carrying. Every person who wants to carry a firearm must have the proper license. Before being permitted to carry a gun at school, they must apply for and be approved for the program. Every gun carrier must complete 40 hours of training and undergo background screenings and screenings.

Training is provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Although the school is responsible for the program, it also has the support of the local law enforcement agencies.

School leaders also said that gun owners must keep their guns with them and that the guns should not be kept on school grounds. The worst part is that guns are now required to maintain control in schools. Students have been brainwashed by Democrats to believe that they don't need to follow authorities and can behave however they like towards other students.

Gradually, peaceful classrooms have been replaced by facilities that include metal detectors and armed guards. The shift in the law has forced Governor Greg Abbott to sign legislation that lifts the limit on the number of armed persons allowed to be present at schools. He was aware that the times were changing and that teachers would need to protect their students from any murderers.

Federal Judge Blocks Illegally Detained Jan 6 Defendant's Checkmate Move

The case of January 6 defendant Lucas Denney was the subject of much attention. The defense requested Mr. Denney's immediate release due to two violations by the Government of his pre-trial rights. Denney was held in jail for over 80 days without a Preliminary Hearing (which he was entitled to within 14 days) or being charged within 30 days after his arrest as required under the Speedy Trial Act. These violations were each addressed by the defense in separate motions.

The Government passed an indictment on Monday, hours before the magistrate judge was due to hear the first defense motion. This was done to prevent Denney from being released by the court. Although this was a successful maneuver, Denney was still locked up. However, the Government only charged Denney with one count of assaulting a federal officer instead of the 12 charges for which he was initially arrested under a Complaint. Doubtless, Denney was later to be indicted on a more serious charge.

Denney, however, was surprised by the Government and court when he was brought before them to be arraigned for that one charge. Denney's counsel used very clever lawyering to profit from the Government's tactical error. Denney pleads to a single-count indictment and receives a better settlement than the Government could offer him. The Constitution's protection against double jeopardy would also prevent the Government bringing additional charges against Denney. It was a defense checkmate move in the chess game of criminal procedure.

The court temporarily stopped the proceedings by refusing Denney to enter a plea. It stated that it wanted to investigate the matter. The drama continues today with a little more drama. The drama will continue on Thursday, when Denney will be brought before the court.

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