The University’s Political Science Department boasts an Emblematic Bust of Chairman Mao

Is America's new slogan “Communism or Bust”? It is likely that some would agree with this statement, both in support and protest. An American university has displayed a communist bust.

Washburn University’s political science department has a display of prominent leaders. The likenesses Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney and Bernie Sanders are just a few of the featured figurines.The biggest is the one that looks like porcelain props for Mao Zedong, the Chinese communist leader.

The display might be considered bold by some, considering that Mao is responsible for many millions of deaths. Follow this link from The Washington Post for a detailed account. If you were ever asked who the greatest mass murderer in world history was? Mao Zedong outdid Hitler and Stalin. His ideas were not too different from the ideas being embraced today. Mao believed he could propel his country ahead of its rivals by transforming the villages across the country into giant people's communities. Everything was collected in pursuit of utopia. The utopia remained but a distant dream.

The meticulous reports that the [Communist Party] compiles are now revealing the true extent of what occurred. The result of a comprehensively detailed dossier is a horror story in which Mao emerges to be one of the most prolific mass killers in history, responsible for at least 45,000,000 deaths between 1958 and 1962. Not only is the scale of the disaster staggering, but also how many people were killed. Between two and three millions victims were either tortured to death or executed summarily, sometimes for the smallest infraction. Local boss Xiong Dechang ordered the father of a boy who stole a few grains from a Hunan village to bury the child alive. A few days later, the father passed away from grief. Wang Ziyou's case was brought to the attention of the central leadership. One of his ears was removed, his legs were tied using iron wire and a ten-kilogram stone was dropped on his back. He was then given a sizzling tool as punishment for digging up a potato.

But, as the old saying goes, “What was once old is now new again.” There's plenty of renewal happening. Last week I reported that a University of Florida study room has been named after another visionary whose vision resulted in mass death. Community-minded students are now able to gather in Unit 229 — The Karl Marx Group Study Room. Many of the younger generation, like those currently in Congress, still hope for Hitler's economic system. Although it seems absurd, socialism supporters often believe that it is a magic genie that makes the employee of a company the owner.

Back at Washburn University, Political science professor Grant Armstrong does not consider the case of the Mao monument a unique one-off. “It is larger than the American political figure. It is emblematic of academia today.” He said. “I’m a center-left guy, but I don’t know if there’s room for people like me in academia anymore,” he told Campus Reform. “It’s not just conservatives being targeted, it’s also those who don’t toe the far left line”

A person in his position should know better since Armstrong serves as the advisor to Young Americans for Freedom and College Democrats at Washburn University. Armstrong stated that conservative students are more difficult than liberal students. He also said that there isn't “intellectual diversity” at the university level, which is really problematic. Even hippies knew a few years ago the dangers associated with treating collectivism as fine China. However, America's woke revolutionaries seem to have learned the hardest lessons.

Is university education going to change people's minds? Any plan that could lead to this happening…is a failure.

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