Tucker Carlson Punishes Adam Kinzinger

Tucker Carlson has been ridiculed by the neoconservative side over the past few weeks, despite his condemnation of Vladimir Putin's invasion in Ukraine. Carlson's position is fundamentally different from the establishment Republican wing which is pushing for a war with Russia.

If you think I'm being too dramatic, Adam Kinzinger is here, who previously called for the United States and Russia to wage war by creating a no fly zone over Ukraine. He now supports war with Belarus. Kinzinger has repeatedly attacked Carlson personally, accusing him in no uncertain terms of being an agent for the Kremlin. Carlson responded by inviting Kinzinger to his Fox News program, where he would defend his views. This would be a great opportunity to the soon-to-be ex-congressman for him to defend his calls of war. Trump would have never responded like this.

What a coward. Kinzinger chose to take Carlson up on the offer to defend his views to millions of people (some might sympathize, given that many Fox News viewers are more hawkish) and instead he shot an iPhone video and got completely punked.

There are many Republicans who, like Carlson, are not as isolated as Carlson when it comes to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This is an acceptable place to disagree. While I don't think one should disagree with Carlson's skeptical approach to the crisis, it is a valid place for disagreement. Kinzinger is a complete clown because he accuses people of treason for trying to inject any nuance into this situation. Carlson, for example, has spoken out about the US-funded biolabs in Ukraine. They do exist. And no, it's not possible to discuss them without being authorized by the Kremlin. Are they doing anything malicious? Although I personally don't believe so, I am not going to be triggered just by their mention. The discussion sends Neoconservatives into orbit.

Kinzinger is a joke politician, but that's not what he is. He speaks a lot on MSNBC but when he is challenged, he gives up because he realizes he cannot defend his positions, particularly those that could lead to open war against Russia. Instead, he prefers to hide behind Twitter and spread misinformation, taking aim at others who disagree with him.

Carlson offered Kinzinger a job, but Kinzinger declined it because he was “focused on the Ukrainian people”. He rejected him because he was an empty suit. It's a welcome development to see Kinzinger and Liz Cheney go.

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