Wyoming GOP Wants a Word after CNN Claims ‘Influential People Back Liz Cheney

Ah, liberal media. Their delusion can sometimes be something else. Chief among them is CNN's Democratic apologists.

CNN ran a piece Monday describing how all the “influentials” Republicans are rushing for Rep. Liz Cheney's (RINO-WY), victory in her race in November. Because there are so many, a Monday fundraiser had to limit its guest list to 75. This would be the average number of people waiting in line to use the restroom at a Trump rally, which is among thousands. Many of those 75 guests are Cheney relatives.

Who are the “influential” Republicans that are going to revive Cheney in Wyoming? People who are from the “orbits' of Senator Mitt Romney or the Bushes. Romney is the “special guest” at the event.

You can't pretend to be serious when you call these people influential members of the party. These people haven’t had any influence since 2012.  In 2016, how did that influence work for Jeb? Some people believe influence is about money. There is no doubt that there is money that loves the status quo and Cheney's elites. You still need to win the base and vote in Wyoming. You don't think Wyomingans give a damn what Romney thinks at the moment.

That's CNN. You can't trust anything they say about selling stuff like this. CNN has also raised her as a potential 2024 Republican candidate for President Donald Trump. This is a position she has been trying to get with all her rhetoric. Their headline reads, “Republican donors rally behind Liz Cheney in her assault on Trump.” They don't know who her base will be in 2024. The Democrats are promoting her now merely because they can attack Trump and the Jan 6 committee. However, she would not be voted for by Democrats in general elections and Republicans in primary elections. She would have to win her Wyoming race to be viable. That's why some “influential” elites support her.

They're donating money to her fight in Wyoming with Harriet Hageman (Trump-endorsed), but they think like Democrats just as Hillary Clinton did about Wisconsin. Cheney has not done anything to appeal to the Republican voters of the state. In more than two years, she hasn't been to any state Republican Party functions. She has also missed town halls, forums and other events. She's also skipped out on town halls and forums. How is she supposed to be a Republican? Despite pretending to be conservative, and skipping out at Republican events, she's reaching for Democrats to vote for her on Aug 16, according to Newsmax. They're all twelve of them! How many Democrats does she think Wyoming has? She knows she is in trouble. It's also a sign that she is a Republican by name only. She hasn’t even tried to defend her position to the Republicans of her state.

Mary Martin, Wyoming's GOP chair, voted against Cheney's censuring, but now she criticizes her by saying that she hasn’t come to the state to defend Trump's decision to impeach him despite being asked. Martin stated that she was invited to present her facts and defend why she was doing this. However, Martin claimed that she chose to call the Republicans radicals which has caused discontent within the party.

Cheney “has been MIA since Jan 6”. We all believe that the Wyoming seat represents a stepping stone for her run for the presidency in 2024, and she must get Trump out of the way. Martin continued, “She's using anti-Trump commentary to raise money.”

Strangely, many people dislike being used as a stepping stone.

She isn't only attacking Trump but all Republicans. How is that working out for her? She has managed to not only kill her potential in the state by losing a straw vote to Hageman but also to increase her father's popularity within the state. Next week, Cheney will attend a bipartisan event. She may not find it so welcoming. Cheney didn't know that Trump-loving Republicans would be there to greet her. To give the troubled congresswoman a chance, they bought roughly 25% of the 350 tickets at $10 each. “I was there when the… Democrats dragged her father's effigy along a village road behind a truck at one of the rallies. And those are the people who support her now, she's embraced,” Rebecca Cloetta, 66, stated over breakfast at the Virginian.

“Can you believe it? It's a charge for a ticket! It's a slap on the face,” Rebecca Bextel (41), another Trump-supporting Republican who plans to attend the election. “We only have one representative” — Wyoming has one House member. “She shows up in town, and it costs $10 to go see her. It's embarrassing.

It tells you her priorities, which is important for anyone who thinks this is about a greater principle.

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