Biden’s Trainwreck DNC Fundraiser Speech Reveals Where His Priorities Lie

Joe Biden spoke Monday night at a DNC event, his first in-person fundraiser since he took office.

It was a mix of delusion and rambling word salad at a time when there was a war in Europe and skyrocketing inflation. These are the two issues that you would expect to be his main focus as he heads into the midterm elections. What did he talk about instead? The “existential danger” of climate change.

We don't have video clips. We can rely only on the White House transcript. We saw the actions they took to assist Kamala Harris, who made a mistake that suggested Ukraine was part of NATO. To make Harris's comment more acceptable, the White House created an imaginary “and” to cover her error. This is problematic because the White House transcript should be considered the historical record. When you change the nature of words for political reasons, it makes Harris look better.

In this instance, however, the transcript was not enough to save Biden. It showed how muddled his remarks were. It's no wonder that there aren't any video clips.

First, Biden couldn’t get his signature legislation’s name right. He must have said it a million times, leading to crushing defeat.

He also stated “that the G28 kept the same level of commitment as we do.” There's a G20, a G7, and a COP26–the United Nations conference on climate issues in November 2021. It's amazing that he didn’t say, “V8.”

Fox News contributor Steve Milloy offered a “highlight reel,” which covers some of the other issues.

Biden claimed the government would save Americans an average of $500 per year while spending all that money on their climate agenda. What is the result of all these promises? We're not only saving money but also paying more.

Perhaps some people were fooled by his comments during the campaign. However, most Americans won't buy this plan right away.

Biden asked where the world would be if Europe, presumably referring to the European Union (EU), were free from fossil fuels. He said they would be totally independent. But they would still be dependent on Russian oil. We can already see where they were going before this: increasing their dependence on Russian oil and reducing their own production. It was absurd, as it is now.

Even if the court decides against him, he still has a pen and phone. He will take executive action regardless of what the court decides.

Milloy argued that electric vehicles will cost jobs. He stressed all of the infrastructure and expenditure needed for charging stations. If Biden believes that this will make Americans “independent,” what about the coal used to generate electricity and the required materials such as lithium for which China holds a large portion of the market? We wouldn't be tied to Russia, but we would be tied to China. Where's Joe's electric car? He drives a Corvette that burns gas.

Biden stated in his speech that he was “perfectly present” at all climate crises in the past year and a half. Alrighty, now.

It then went over the slide. Sorry, but what does the word salad mean?

However, there were no tornadoes in Queens. It’s already been noted that Biden doesn't seem to know the difference between a windstorm and a tornado.

This is his priority, while Americans tell him that inflation is their priority. This is how out of touch and confused he is.

Perhaps this is the best way to describe the feelings of many about the Biden presidency at the moment: It's a joke. We all want to jump from the Bad Ship Biden, which is sinking fast.

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